Check this Out: Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla’s 3-Storey Townhouse in Quezon City

Aljur Abrenica is an actor, dancer, model and singer first appeared in the fourth season of GMA’s StarStruck.

His fiance, actress Kylie Padilla has given birth to a baby boy named Alas Joaquin who was born last year.

The actor’s three-storey townhouse in Quezon City is truly one of the fruits of his hard work throughout the years. Aljur’s three-storey townhouse stands out—as beyond its brilliant red gate is an inviting industrial-inspired haven finished with wooden elements, with bare bricks and piping, striking colors, and works of art.

This house was designed by the actor’s good friend Richard V. Somes, who is also a screenwriter-director, production designer and an art director.

His fiance, Kylie gave birth to Alas, and due to the new addition to the family, Aljur plans to work on a few adjustments in the space while still maintaining its original vibe. According to him, Kylie will be in charge of the new design.

“Tapos makahanap na lang ng ibang place para sa bata. Pero for now, siymepre babaguhin muna namin…Si Kylie naman bahala magde-design,” he shares.

The said three-storey townhouse in Quezon City, was purchased in 2013.

Front Gate

Aljur’s home features a striking red gate—this color matches the raw finishes and elements found inside the house. While many owners go for warm and cool colors and neutral hues to brighten up their home’s exterior, the actor prefers bright colors like red.


Aside from the huge garage space provided for his cars and motorcycles. The mural sprucing up one wall will surely catch the attention of the visitors.

The biggest mural was done by Direk Richard, it highlights a flying eagle with the words Legend, Live, and Be Free surrounds it. You will also see women and flowers included in this work of art, according to Aljur, this represents his soft side.

Living Area

The cozy living area has wooden furniture pieces also designed by Direk Richard and his team together with an IG-worthy bookshelf. These pieces—the bench, sofa, and armchairs—highlight a wooden base, with comfy cushions making each piece inviting. The cushions and pillows match the home’s color palette.

With the perfect mix of deep colors, wood, brick, and exposed piping complete the look of this living area.

A vintage-industrial-inspired chandelier hangs from the ceiling and adds character to space. There’s also sheer white curtains placed to let in natural light as well as to soften the effect of wood.

One of the extraordinary, personal touches to the space are the pillows that spell out Kylie. You will also notice a bookcase in the living area, and because Aljur and Kylie love to read, there’s another one on the second floor as well.

The entertainment center in the living area was made of lighter woods with a more natural finish. Apart from holding the TV, it can also be used to organize gadgets and other entertainment essentials.

You will surely notice a lot of wooden touches in this house. Three of Direk Richard’s paintings add color to the living area—two on both sides of the TV and another near the shelf.

Dining Area

Warm lights and wood define this spacious dining area. The bricks and bold hue are enough to give life to the space. There are no decor and accessories in the space. It’s completed with a bar cabinet, a lighting piece designed by Direk Richard, and a table good enough for 14 people.

“Eto ‘yong mga kainan ng mga blue-collar na mabilisan ang trabaho, mga construction workers sa States, ganyan…Hindi ko talaga siya plano na magkaro’n ng, alam mo ‘yon, ng tatambay,” Aljur shares.

Aljur’s decision to have a wooden bench allow him and his family to enjoy meals together. Cabinets and overhead storage are really good for storing different essentials and supplies.

Even though the dining area seems a little dark, the lighting pieces will surely keep the mood cozy and convenient for meals. The impressive bar cabinet holds bottles of liquor given by the actor’s friend, it also serves as decor with its elegant design and finishes.


The kitchen features an exposed ceiling with wooden beams adding to the industrial feel, with bricks used on the walls, stainless steel countertops, and a wooden kitchen island in the middle. This space used to be an open-air backyard and now use as their kitchen.

Spiral Staircase

The narrow red spiral staircase leads up to the actor’s favorite part of the home called the sanctuary.

Second Floor Sanctuary

The second-floor sanctuary acts as a multipurpose area. It functions as a reading area, a hangout spot, a study area, and as a gym. It features a creative use of bricks as wall accents, wooden details, and delightful natural light streaming in from the ceiling and windows.

They have decided not to cover the entire wall with bricks adds character and a creative feel to the space. Direk Richard and Aljur designed the home with a vision of creating a space “where artists can freely create and collaborate with other practitioners of the creative arts and crafts.” They also chose cement tiles and wood as flooring for the space, adding a touch of green to create a refreshing vibe.

One wall features an unfinished mural done by the actor’s fiance Kylie, She chose to paint nude forms after she was given the freedom to work on the wall art. “Sinabi ko sa kanya na ‘Gusto kong magkaroon ka ng touch sa bahay. Basta mag-paint ka.’ Artist si Kylie, e. Si Kylie, yes mahilig mag-drawing ‘yan ng images, depends on how she feels,” Aljur explained.


The hallway serves as a gallery wall for prized framed pieces. These wall accents include framed posters of John Lennon and The Beatles. One wall, consist of a cross-stitched project made by Aljur’s mom featuring the Abrenica siblings.


Aljur’s bedroom is just a simple yet very relaxing bedroom, complete with a raised bed and basic pieces. The actor plans to transform the space into a baby room because it has been unoccupied after the birth of his son.


While the actor’s former bedroom leads to this terrace furnished with wooden chairs and a table. This is simply a relaxing place where you can admire the beauty of sunsets during the afternoon or can be used as a breakfast nook.