Check OutJohn Lloyd Cruz’s Beautiful Family Mansion

Building a new home is a journey of discovering who you are, what you want, how you want to live, and where you want to be.

That’s why when you are planning for your dream home it is very important to have a checklist to make it easier for you to communicate your vision with the design professional you’re working with and to lay out the processes that need to be done.

For some people, to create a more detailed plan, they would have their architect, builder, designer, landscape architect on board and in place before even selecting the site of their new home.

Take it from the actor John Lloyd Cruz in building his beautiful home, the actor prefers a fine balance between elegant and casual. Knowing that he didn’t want a modern design style, he then opted for a French Mediterranean structure and American-design interiors. He also wants it to be laid-back and comfortable.

Luckily, he got the space he envisioned with the help of architects Roland Andres and Danny Lucas. Now he has his 1,100sqm home in Antipolo City, the house highlights a relaxing feel, spacious nooks, and an enviable pool and outdoor area. “Kung anuman ‘yong nakikita n’yo dito—laman ng bahay, ‘yong dating ng bahay—sa akin talaga, number one kong kinonsider ang comfort,” he says.

Let’s take a tour in his French Mediterranean-inspired home.


The house looks luxurious and imposing from the outside. They took inspiration from homes seen in Los Angeles like those with French Mediterranean and ornate styles.

They chose fine Italian marble for the home’s exterior and Architects Roland Andres and Danny Lucas added an archway at the entrance of the porch. Taupe was the chosen color for the walls to balance out the exterior details.

Outdoor Detail

John Lloyd and his family take time to feed the Koi fish in their pond, it serves as a relaxing feature by the front door. These are gifts from a family friend and according to them it adds pops of color to the home and add to the Zen vibe of the space, too.

Front Door and Staircase

The entrance highlights an open space that adds to the spacious and airy feel. There is a high ceiling that welcomes guests into the home. This area also features wooden floors, cove lighting, and a customized oversized clock by Arte Español above the door and a staircase that leads to the bedrooms.

While its interiors show more of an American influence as compared to the ornate look of the home’s exterior. The wall showcases a wallpaper with a brocade pattern where the clock was installed. The rest of the walls were painted a grayish-green hue to create contrast.

Powder Room

This powder room is located under the staircase that connects the living and dining areas. This elegant powder room that would remind you of hotels, boasts of topnotch fixtures, warm lighting, and a flower arrangement. Guests can access the private space with ease during get-together because of its convenient location.

Dining Area

The dining area wasn’t a hundred percent done during the time of the shoot, However, it’s still inviting and ready for meals and parties. There’s a 10-seater narra dining table from Linea Furniture serves as the room’s centerpiece and to add a warm glow two Murray Feiss chandeliers

The dining area has a picture window and clear sliding doors where John Lloyd and his family can have a view of the outdoors during meals.


This kitchen is one of the actor’s favorite areas in the home. The actor usually watches TV in the kitchen and loves having breakfast in the nook by the window.

The marble-top island can be transformed into a makeshift dining area when you add chairs on it. The extra counter also holds a vase filled with flowers and fruits and leaving enough space to get some cooking tasks done.

Red Beech veneer livens up the ceiling and Aglo marble was used as flooring which is similar to what’s seen in the dining area.

This kitchen is completed with the top-of-the-line appliances, fixtures, and accessories complete the spacious kitchen. Cabinets and storage nooks were also put in place to keep the cooking area neat and organized. The cabinets are manufactured in Germany and feature a soft-close system and a self-closing mechanism.


John Lloyds lanai, adjacent to the dining area, the lanai functions as a holding area while dinner is being prepared. Furnished with a flat-screen television and an eight-seater dining set from Arte Español, it can also be used as a lounge area or as an outdoor dining nook.

Swimming Pool

Initially, this swimming pool wasn’t part of the original plans for the house, but when construction began the actor changed his mind. As advised by a Feng Shui expert, he had an infinity sign was placed on the tiled floor to counter bad luck.

Guest House

Taking inspiration from a well-loved American drama series, the guest house measures about 80 square meters. It has its own two bedrooms, living room, dining, kitchen, and bathroom.

Outdoor Bathroom/Lounge Area

This one is John Lloyd favorite spot where he can marvel at the view of the house and also for his quiet afternoons. The outdoor bathroom is located behind the seating area.

Outdoor Bathroom

The outdoor bathroom used to be a gazebo and was located behind the swimming pool. But now, this space is used as a changing room for guests and friends who use the pool. It’s completed with top-of-the-line fixtures and a fancy chandelier just like in the powder room and kitchen

Beside the pool stands the statue of Amanda, a replica of the ancient Greek sculpture Venus de Milo. This statue adds European flair to the spacious outdoor area.

Outdoor Area

John Lloyd’s beautiful and spacious garden is where they can take a stroll or take in the calming view.

Source: realliving