Check Out the Incredibly Luxurious Emergency Bunker Constructed During the Cold War

When the apocalypse arrives, life goes on. At least that’s the possibility some are preparing for. Fortified shelters are built to withstand catastrophic events from viral epidemic to nuclear war.

If you’ve not started making your disaster survival plans yet, you’d better get with it. The first thing you’re going to need is a bunker, and if you want to buy into one of those high-end underground survival condos, you need to make reservations now, before they’re all gone.

Why are people buying survival condos? Well, you know, the usual fears: disease, famine, nuclear war, riots, the complete collapse of Western society, climate change, Donald Trump, etc.

One apt named Silo Home was built over an Atlas F missile silo that was constructed during the Cold War in the Adirondack Mountains in Saranac, New York.

The home that sits over the silo looks like a normal 1,800 square-foot cabin. The bunker, which is protected by walls that are three feet thick, is connected to the ground floor via a spiral staircase.

The subterranean area has two floors. The 2,300 square feet of living space includes two master bedroom suites with luxurious private full baths, jacuzzi, or any of several other combinations, a kitchen, a dining area, and an entertainment room.

There are even windows with fake light that simulate sunlight. The Silo Home is also full of potential because there is lots of room for more renovations.

There are nine levels, equaling 12,000 square feet, that is still unused.

With the Silotube being 52′ in diameter and 185′ in depth, the Atlas-F series missile bases also have an LCC (Launch Control Center).

The seven-level skyscraper has numerous possibilities. Each floor can be self-contained and luxurious. They also have the expertise available to accomplish any type of renovation.