Check out the Birthday Pictorial of Mariel and Robin Padilla’s Very Cute Daughter Isabella

Pain, stress and all other toxic vibes that one could feel can be wiped out when you see someone smile and knowing that you’re the reason behind those sweet precious curves.

Every parent can give their 100 percent and more effort just to make their child the happier kid ever.

Providing your child with the best things he/she could have might be the hardest part of being a parent yet it’s still the most fulfilling moment of being a mother or father.

Mariel and Robin Padilla are one of those couples who are willing to spend and make an extra grind for their child, Isabella.

Last November 2016, Isabella received an advance birthday surprise for her 2nd birthday from her loving parents, Robin and Mariel.

Before the actual celebration, Robin and Mariel organized a Minnie Mouse-themed pictorial with the country’s best photo and video coverage provider, Nice Print Photography.

Looking at the photos, Mariel and Isabella are both on their pastel pink gown giving a real-life queen and princess while Robin wearing his polo of the same color and matching it with a beret.

We can notice that they used their own house for the pictorial. Using a small boat, they posed around their pool which they turned it into a mini Disneyland by filling it with lots of pastel-colored balloons.

This is just a proof that Robin and Mariel truly love their unica hija. They consider Isabella as a miracle to their lives because before giving birth to Isabella, Mariel has two past failed pregnancies.

As a matter of fact, Isabella’s first birthday celebration was a grand Spanish-themed party. So, we expect more and more grand birthday celebrations for Robin and Mariel’s adorable baby, Isabella, as she grows older.

For sure, this year’s celebration will be a star-studded and a wonderful gathering for the Padilla’s and their close family and friends.