Check Out The 3-Storey Modern Contemporary Home Of Regine Velasquez And Ogie Alcasid In Quezon City

The Velasquez-Alcasid home can be found on top of a hill in an exclusive subdivision in Quezon City.

The showbiz power couple owns this three-storey modern contemporary house, that has an overlooking view of the city where they leave.

Architect Anthony Nazareno and interior designers Ivy and Cynthia Almario designed this 500sqm home that features a clean and minimalist look complemented by beautiful pieces from award-winning Filipino artists like Kenneth Cobonpue and Ann Pamintuan.

The celebrity couple proudly says that every detail of their home is a reflection of their life now.

According to Ogie: “All the open space in our home speaks of who we are. We’re very transparent people. We really don’t try to hide things from people—just like my wife, who Instagrams every ten seconds.”The interiors and design preferences don’t really mean that much to Ogie. What’s more important for the Songwriter is the life that he and his wife create inside this beautiful house. “Regine really chose this place to be our home, where we will live for the rest of our lives.”

Let’s take a peek inside their modern contemporary home.

Living Room

This stylish living room was originally decorated by Ivy and Cynthia Almario, this design team is also responsible for the decor of Kris Aquino’s two condo units at One Roxas Triangle. The living room is located on the second level, which is actually the main floor of the house.

The arc lamp is part of the Kai Collection of the renowned Cebu-based furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue including the white ottoman that doubles as a coffee table. The Crescent Giant chair is created by the award-winning Davao-based artist Ann Pamintuan, while the white accent chair near the glass doors is a gift from Ogie’s friend and Bubble Gang colleague, Boy2 Quizon, aka Dos Quizon.


Regine chose an open-space layout for her kitchen. The kitchen features a sleek and spacious, well-lit modern kitchen that is perfect for hosting informal social gatherings with Regine and Ogie’s friends.

This kitchen is much like the so-called theater-type kitchens in most hotel buffet restaurants, where the guests can see the whole food-preparation process. The concept goes against minimalism and Regine, who loves cooking pasta dishes, finds it practical because she wants convenient access to her appliances, cookware, and other kitchenware.

Dining Area

This eight-seater square glass-top dining table is from Furnitalia. Placed across it is a slim sideboard that holds a flat-screen TV, inside the sideboard is also where Ogie keeps his PlayStation 3 video-game console and he only takes out when he has friends coming over.

Home Office

Ogie’s home office is equipped with an office desk, a cabinet, a Mac computer, a printer, and a monitor for the closed-circuit television security system. The glass panels allow the natural light in during the day.


This staircase that leads to the third-floor bedrooms features the abstract paintings of Ogie’s brother Tony Alcasid, director Louie Ignacio, and Elmer Torio. Two of the paintings were titled Kailangan Kita and Wag Ka Lang Mawawala (first and third from left) are from Tony Alcasid’s 2009 exhibit The Many Phases of Love.

According to Ogie, these paintings are not expensive, “They are priced regularly. The expensive paintings—we’ll never afford those unless they’re given to us.”

Swimming Pool

This infinity pool makes Regine feel like she’s in another country, especially at night. “No’ng una nga kaming lumipat dito, para kaming nagsa-spa,” she says. “Magswi-swim kami ng gabi. Para kaming nasa ibang bansa, e!”


The focal point of this corner near the stairs is Ogie’s black Lyric grand piano, this also the same piano that he has used in writing most of his songs. Placed on the wall of this area is a black-and-white portrait of Regine, it was Ogie’s surprise gift to her wife years ago.

Music Room

This is one of Ogie’s favorite spots in the house, the music room. The room is located on the ground floor where the nitty-gritty of album production takes place. This is actually the Songwriter’s central command center, where he keeps several electronic keyboards, an Apple computer, and synthesizers.

Ogie’s plaques of recognition received from his previous albums were placed on the walls of this room. There is also a glass shelf that displays his collection of Star Wars and Marvel Superheroes action figures.

Nate’s Bedroom

Their son’s room was furnished with two queen mattresses, a toddler bed, and a changing table where you can change a baby’s diaper. This room used to be Ogie’s music room and recording studio and later turned into Nate’s room.