Bossing Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna Host a Grand Picnic Party for Baby Tali’s 1st Birthday

Baby Talitha celebrated her first birthday last Nov. 6, the adorable baby celebrated her first birthday with a party at home attended by family.

Her loving parents made sure that she had a big celebration that will definitely be fun for everyone.

In baby Tali’s special day, a picnic-inspired theme was chosen for this children’s party and those who attended were the couple’s closest relatives, non-showbiz friends, and their famous co-workers.

Looking at the photos taken at the party, the celebrity couple looked really excited to celebrate their baby girl’s day.

The venue was composed of pastel-colored decorations and cute attractions for kids. The grandiose colorful birthday cake was also as beautiful as the celebrant was decorated with treats like popcorn, ice cream, cupcakes, fries and even a hot dog.

The good sunny weather and energetic guests completed Baby Tali’s birthday picnic. Indeed, this party made the guest feel transported to a happy family picnic in a park.

This outdoor party was held at the Sta. Elena Golf & Country Estate in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

With many guests from the Sotto family and some of their celebrity friends were present during the party. Baby Tali’s ate Paulina Sotto and husband Jed Llanes took a beautiful photo with the birthday celebrant which seemed like they were actually a picture-perfect family.

Danica Sotto also joined the party together with her husband Marc Pingris. We’ve also seen the grown-up Sotto girls Danica and Paulina pose for a picture with their daddy Vic and a photo of the three sisters gathered together.

Furthermore, baby Tali’s older brother Oyo Boy Sotto was also there with his wife Kristine Hermosa and their kids.

Meanwhile, the couple’s closest showbiz friends did not miss the celebration. Sherilyn Reyes, Vj Yambao and Camille Pratts, together with her Baby Nala, also attended the said party.

Of course, Eat Bulaga’s Dabarkads Allan K, Alden Richards and adorable Baby Baste together with his brother Samsam made the celebration much brighter with their presence.

Truly, the kids had a blast with all the delicious food and swimming in the pool area.

Throughout the whole party, Bossing Vic Sotto and his beautiful wife Pauleen Luna were obviously filled with extreme happiness.