Blushing Bride Who Had a Makeup Disaster on Her Wedding Day Was Given the Chance to Fulfill Her Wish

Every bride wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day. It’s a celebration of you and your husband-to-be and the special love you share together. Therefore, it’s no wonder that both of you want it to be perfect.

Some even prepare in advance and make sure they’re attending to all their needs when the big day finally rolls around. Most brides consider hiring a makeup and hair artist to inject in the details and have a say in their wedding day. Apparently, not every ‘professional’ will live up to their expectations.

That’s what happened to a blushing bride who was left literally red-faced after a makeup disaster. The beautiful Cinderella bride was turned into an ugly sister on her wedding day and was left in tears.

Darika Klinkuhlab, a bride from Chai Nat in Thailand, hired a bridal shop and took a package which consisted of a makeup session and wedding costumes for the bride and groom. Much to her dismay, she had been transformed from a pretty girl into a mess by the stylist who did her makeup and hair-do.

She chose the said shop because their beauty salon is just near her house while her favorite is much farther away. Reportedly, she came in around early noon because her wedding was supposed to start at 4 in the afternoon, but she was forced to wait for three hours and the outcome was a total disaster.

She was furious but tried to make the best of it as she was already late for her own wedding. She had to force herself to smile throughout the ceremony.

After the wedding, Darika vents out her frustrations on social media which inspired a wave of sympathy and comment from fellow Thais who commented and even posted pictures of their own wedding day successes and disasters.

On the other hand, Darika posted pictures of herself on her big day and warned other brides-to-be to be careful of who they choose to hire on their wedding day although she didn’t drop the name of the bridal shop she hired.

Many people commented that the big red glob that was applied to her mouth was the worst of all. It would have been better if she had no makeup at all said many. While others saw the shiny face as just plain horrible.

Her story has then reached the knowledge of a professional shop and photographer named Park Eun Young, who was based in Bangkok. He reached out to Darika and offered to provide her with a dress and some excellent makeup and retake her wedding photos – completely free of charge.

Initially, the poor bride refused, knowing how far Bangkok is from Chai Nat but Park Eun Young insisted.

The newlyweds and the team met after a week wherein it took them more than three hours to do their magic on the couple.

The results were worth it, making Darika look like a princess and the groom well made up.

Darika was really ecstatic to see her new wedding photos which she again posted on her social media account, thanking the team who made her dream come true.