Before And After: 25 Of The Most Creative Recreations Of Childhood Photos

There’s absolutely nothing on earth like a sibling. Growing up with siblings is fun and games – games that involve hitting, pushing, bullying, screaming, and yelling at each other. Your mother would tell you all to “grow up and stop acting like children,” but when she turned her head, your sibling would punch your arm endlessly because that’s just what siblings do best.

We bet you have stacks of photo albums documenting your best childhood adventures, awkward and staged studio photoshoots, silly antics, and stupid facial expressions. These pictures bring back the kind of emotional state you were in that time to your memory. Good news is that recreating pictures from times when you were still a kid is a trend now.

While most people choose to relive childhood memories by looking through old photo albums, others have actually gone as far as recreating the pictures. It makes for a perfect gift for your loved ones, allows you to behave like a child again if only for a little while, and, of course, it lets you and your sibling have a good giggle.

Below are some of the funniest and creative photo recreations that will make you laugh and get you inspired.

1. From sweet and innocent to stocky

2. 18 years recreation – made their mom laugh more than they’ve ever seen

3. For their dad’s birthday, they tried to take the same picture 20 years later. They grew up a bit

4. During shower time

5. Yes, they did that thing

6. A childhood recreation picture of a guy, his brother, and two cousins

7. Brother and sister – then and now

8. Such effort for the clothes

9. It’s unexplainable how much effort and commitment went into this photo remake of a guy and his brother

10. Should’ve shaved the legs, though

11. Oops, it broke!

12. 11 years later – Burger King still sucks and a guy’s only friends are weird

13. They did that thing

14. A few years later

15. After a blip in the 1970s. At least their style sense improved

16. Brother and sister still love playing in the sand

17. Great effort with the box!

18. More than 20 years later and they are still a bunch of dirty boys

19. The photo was taken 10 years apart. It’s a struggle to understand, though

20. Twenty years later, their sizes have changed

21. That rictal smile, though

22. Woah, their dad is strong!

23. These guys got good genes!

24. About 16 years later

25. They did it again.

source: elitereaders