Beautiful Love Story of a Seaman and a Seawoman with a Heartbreaking Ending

Grieving the loss of someone you love is difficult. When a loved one passed away, the loss follows you from room to room, moment to moment. It is both permanent and ever-present. The pain of loss is unavoidable which is why at one point, you must open yourself to the pain and let go.

A Facebook post has recently gone viral which tackles about love and loss in equal measure. Posted by Whinslet Cainoy on Facebook page University Confession Files, she recounted how she suddenly lost the love of his life in the most unexpected time.

Whinslet’s tribute for her late boyfriend Carl Kenneth Catapangan is truly heartbreaking as she shows the world how they initially planned to sail across oceans, hand in hand, as full-fledged seafarers. Aside from this, both of them had big dreams not just for themselves but also for their respective families.

The two lovers shared the same course, BS Marine Engineering, and studied at the University of Makati (UMak), with Carl already an alumnus and working as hard as he could to fulfill their dreams. Although the young man was a couple of years his girlfriend’s senior, the two got along really well and officially became a couple on September 30 last year.

Unfortunately, their beautiful love story fell short as the unexpected tragedy happened a month after their first anniversary. Prior to his passing, Carl was experiencing sharp pains in his chest. Alarmed by this, Whinslet urged him to get an ECG and consult a physician, but her boyfriend just shrugged it off, thinking it was not something serious.

On October 31, 2018, Carl left from their office at 8:30 in the evening and proceeded to Buendia Terminal where he took a bus ride home to Lucena City. Since it was peak season due to then incoming UNDAS, he only managed to ride a bus after over 3 hours.

“Di kasi ikaw sumama. Wala tuloy nagaalaga sakin,” Carl texted Whinslet like a typical boyfriend who wanted to be taken care of by his girlfriend. A few moments passed and Carl messaged her again that he would take a nap as he was feeling tired at the time. She had no idea it would be the last message her boyfriend would send her.

“Goodnight Moshie ko na yan. Miss na miss na kita. Magiingat ka po palagi. Patawarin mo ko sa mga pagkukulang ko sayo. Mahal na mahal kita. God bless,” he wrote.

During the wee hours of the morning, nearby passengers heard Carl moaning in his sleep who seemed like having a nightmare. They tried to wake him up but to no avail. The bus driver then rushed him to the nearest hospital. At 3:15 AM, they arrived at the emergency room of United Doctors Hospital Candelaria, but he didn’t make it and passed away at 4:30 AM.

On the morning of her birthday, clueless Whinslet to the saddest news she has ever gotten. How more ironic could it be! The person she loved the most was gone. It was indeed the most heartbreaking birthday one would wish to never happen to them.

No matter how sad or heartbreaking it is for her, Whinslet vowed to Carl that she would reach their shared dream of sailing the seas someday. On her tribute, she wrote:

“ILOVEYOU SO MUCH moshie ko na yan. Salamat sa pagaalaga, pagdamay, pag gabay saakin lalo na sa pagmamahal na walang hinihinging kapalit. Lalo na sa masasayang araw na pinagsamahan natin kahit isang taon lang. Hihintayin kita mahal kong moshie. Kung magmamahal man ako ulit gusto ko ikaw pa din. Kaya tatandaan ko ung sinabi mo saakin na “kapag tayo, tayo talaga”
Paalam na aking Carl Kenneth Catapangan.
Bantayan mo ko lagi ha. Ako na tutupad sa mga pangarap mo. Di man kita makakasama sa pagbabarko ay kasama naman kita sa bawat paglalayag ko.”

source: University Confession Filesbuzzooks