Beautiful Canadian Woman Travels to the Philippines to Marry the Filipino Guy She Met Online

It is hard between partners that are being in love to be tested through a long distance relationship (LDR).

Time and distance are essential for a relationship to work that’s why a lot of people who are thousands of miles apart from each other experienced difficulty in keeping in touch and staying loyal with their partner.

Sometimes, it leads to a more serious problem and eventually could lead to a breakup.

But sometimes, there is a special bond between two lovers that could not easily be broken and keep on strengthens the relationship which could help them last longer despite all the challenges and difficulties they face.

This is proven a love story of a Canadian woman and her Pinoy boyfriend who first met online. They both proved that even they are miles apart from each other, they still persevered through all the trials they face in an LDR.

Some of us might have experienced meeting other people through the internet and was also hoping to learn more about them in person.

Some people usually don’t invest their time, effort, and especially their feelings for someone they just met on the internet. A lot of people also didn’t believe in love anymore as they often get tired of people who only want to play games and not be sincere about their relationship.

But it was all different with the love story of Romel and Elodie because they believed in love even they are worlds apart from each other.

Just by simply sending a friend request to Elodie, Romel’s life changed completely as she met her Canadian lover through Facebook.

They bought started their relationship way back in 2009. Elodie lives in Canada while Romel is at General Santos City.

For almost three years, they remained as a simple online friend who eventually became deeper towards their affection for each other. They never knew that by sending a friend request, it ignited the very spark of their relationship.

Although it was a challenge for the two, they still worked it out and tried to be patient with each other despite it all.

In 2012, Romel finally met Elodie for the very first time in person as Elodie flew across borders just to get to the Philippines.

It was only a brief time that she stayed for a little but decided to come back to Canada. They both remained a couple and continued their affection through online communication.

After waiting patiently for a year, Elodie decided to go back to the Philippines for a short vacation and also to marry Romel. Elodie’s family also traveled with her to give their support and guidance towards their daughter and even to Romel.

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