A Millionaire at the age of 20’s, Hear the Success Story of This OFW

In life, as we age, priorities may always differ from one person to another affected by innumerous reason he’s in with.

It can be the result of the situation someone is facing, learnings from past experiences, the maturity of his intellectual being and so on.

CREDITS: Jayson Jingco | Facebook

Most of the young people spend their time and money on what we called the “YOLO” kind of living where on their age they prefer to travel and have fun over saving and investing their on something that will benefit their future selves, and nothing’s wrong with that.

CREDITS: Jayson Jingco | Facebook

As these young people come to adulthood having their own family, their priorities will change as well. They will spend their money to build a house, family car and buy their everyday necessities for the whole family, and save if they have spare money from their disposable income.

Everyone has an inspiring story of their lives to share, but this young man will give you more motivation to make your life better.

CREDITS: Jayson Jingco | Facebook

PESO SENSE SAVERS GROUP is a group on Facebook about financial literacy a man on his 20’s named Jayson Sazon Jingco shared his story and what he did with the money that earned him much respect from the readers.

He is an OFW working in South Korea, since December 12, 2012 when he was 22 years old. He graduated on the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Management (BSIM) in 2010 but now works in manufacturing.
Instead of going on travels, he used his money to help his sibling and invested the rest.

CREDITS: Jayson Jingco | Facebook

“Sinubukan kong makipagsapalaran abroad at napunta ako dito sa South Korea last December 12, 2012, 22 years old to work into manufacturing field may dapat akong pagpilian sa dalawa may nagoffer din kasi sakin ng work sa field ko and I guess I made the right decision na nagpabago ng lahat,” Jayson shared with the group.

CREDITS: Jayson Jingco | Facebook

“Bago paman ako umalis puno na ng teachings mga parents ko sakin sa kung ano lahat ang mga pangarap nila samin at dapat hawakan ko ng maayos ang pera ko habang bata pa ako at di pa married.”

His parents would always remind his money wisely and he listens to them He was also influenced by the financial advisor Chinkee Tan and he started to invest his money on building apartment that pays him more than he ever dreamed for.

CREDITS: Jayson Jingco | Facebook

He also helped his sibling to find jobs out of the country, now his elder brother now in Canada and his two younger siblings also working in South Korea.

He was able to save his first 1 million at the age of 27, isn’t it amazing? Jayson and his sibling didn’t stop there but they continued expanding their business by buying parcels of land and also building their own homes.

Now, Jayson is 28 years of age has finish building his own house and planning to settle and have his own family with her future wife when he turns 29 next year.