7 Habits People Usually Do that Could Always Lead to a Bloated Stomach

Abdominal bloating or bloated stomach is an extremely uncomfortable condition which sometimes induces pain if there is an obstruction in your stomach. It was a situation when the abdomen had a gaseous build up which may appear to be swollen.

A lot of people have these numerous unhealthy habits that only worsen their entire health.

Increased food consumption or overeating heavy meals and taking unnecessary drinks that may increase acid imbalance on your stomach may result in digestive problems such as obstructing their digestion, abdominal pain and bloating.

Bloating is a common condition for most people.

This article contains some of the unhealthy habits that may somehow lead to certain problems and health risks.

Unhealthy habits that can lead to bloating, indigestion and acid reflux:

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol is the usual cause of abdominal bloating. The alcohol content in this beverage reacts with the stomach acids which induce retardation of your digestion. This will increase abdominal gas build up.

Carbonated Drinks or Soda

The refreshing taste of these two can actually quench you from thirst. Regardless of this, they are not good for you body because they got less nutritional benefits and only contain chemical compounds that can irritate your digestive tract which could lead to certain health problems.

Decreased Water Intake

These are one of the worst habits that people do. Less adequate consumption of water could induce dehydration which leads to an increase in water absorption which is stored in the body. This imbalance may eventually result in abdominal bloating.

Increased Intake of Food Rich in Fibers

Having foods with high fiber content like beans and vegetables in your regular diet could lead to a bloated stomach. It is advised to eat an adequate amount of diet so that the stomach could develop a probiotic bacteria that will aid your digestion.


Excessive consumption of different kinds of food could lead to stomach upset. There are certain ingredients inside our food like dairy products could also induce bloating. Instead of eating in excessive amounts, it is best advised to try and eat on a regular basis in small amounts so that heavy loading of food which requires an increased time for digestion will be avoided.


Many people gained a lot of stress does a hard time with their digestion on their food uptake. Exaggerated acid reflux is the usual symptom they encounter.

To maintain their proper body performance and recover from this symptoms, it is essential to find a means in relieving their stress. People who suffer from a great deal of stress could try to do an adequate exercise and maintain some proper rest.


There are a lot of health risks associated with smöking. There are harmful chemicals which enter the body while smöking which damages the inner linings of your esophagus and stomach. These could prevent your stomach from working properly and eventually lead to heartburn and gaseous build up.

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