6th Grader Saves Man Thousands In Repair Bills With Her Adorable Handwritten Note

A sixth grader is winning the internet world thanks to an anonymous letter she wrote to a stranger about how a school bus driver was to blame for his damaged car. The car owner gave a special shout out to the little girl on Twitter and posted her note along with it. The tweet has gone crazy viral shortly thereafter.

Andrew Sipowicz, a senior student at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York noticed his red Ford Mustang had been left damaged on the driver’s side.

Thankfully, he didn’t have to wait very long to figure out what happened to his car. He found a handwritten note on his vehicle left by a sixth grader detailing the entire incident, alongside a drawing.

The pupil had written a letter describing the moment a public school bus had tried to squeeze through a gap, denting his car in the process before driving off.

“Me and my family are so grateful and we want to reward the girl somehow,” the 21-year-old said, adding that the note probably saved him thousands in repair bills.

Mr. Sipowicz speculates that the student probably got off the bus at the stop where the accident happened and later went back to leave the detailed note. After he shared the note on social media, its author’s sixth-grade teacher recognized the handwriting and got in touch with him.

“I just want to thank her so much for being so courageous and doing the right thing when it would have been easier to go home and forget the whole thing,” he said.

Sipowicz also got in touch with First Student, the company that owns and operates the city school buses in Buffalo. While the company is still investigating the incident, they have apologized and agreed to cover the damages done to the car along with providing Sipowicz with a rental until his car is repaired.

In a later update to his followers, Mr. Sipowicz said the girl behind the note had been found and he planned to “reward her for her actions”.