5-Storey Building Spotted Mysteriously Floats Down the River, Amazes Netizens on Social Media

Although the internet world has proliferated fake and edited videos spliced together from computer-generated clips and unrelated real-life footages, there’s no denying that it’s hard to tear our eyes away. Knowing that the world wide web is filled with lies, it’s surprising to see legitimate Facebook posts or YouTube videos.

One particular video that recently went viral on social media was proven 100% real, and people from all across the globe just couldn’t believe at what they have watched.

According to reports, the residents from Chongqing, China were shocked to witness a 5-storey building float down a river during one normal day. The said building was in an upright position and just drifting mysteriously on the river.

Photo credit: CGTN / YouTube

Neither was there a tsunami nor flash flood in the area, so people were left dumbfounded as to how the incident happened. They were wondering if there was some kind of magic involved in the building.

Some commentators even joked that the building was being transported to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry but the wizards failed to remember to put a cloak of invisibility around the structure to prevent the muggles from seeing it.

If you’re one of the people wondering if it’s just another fake video online, well you guessed it wrong. As it turned out, the video and the building were both real.

In fact, the floating building is a restaurant that has to be moved somewhere else because of its violations in regulation from where it was previously docked. It did not have its own engine though but was rather pushed down the river by two boats.

Photo credit: CGTN / YouTube

The floating restaurant was an instant hit to the netizens, expressing their amazement over the rare incident they have ever seen in their lives. Many were likewise impressed that the people behind this have managed to find a way to move the floating building to its new location.

'Building' floats down a river: A new moving way to relocate

source: rachfeedbuzzooks