3 Things You Should Never Do When Your Stomach Is Empty

We all have that do’s and don’ts when it comes to having an empty stomach. Some believed that it’s better to drink water once you wake up in the morning instead of not drinking anything at all.

Some also believed that lemon water is best, but whichever of these do you believe the most, let’s tackle on the things that you should not do when you have an empty stomach. Here’s the list:


Alcohol in the bloodstream is not good for your health especially when you have an empty stomach. Alcohol directly goes into the bloodstream when the stomach is empty. If this occurs and high concentrations of such are contained in the blood, chances are you might lose control over your body. This can cause hypotension(low blood pressure) and widen arteries.


Remember that the body is like a car. It functions if it is fueled and energized. Same with your body, if you don’t have any source of energy for the body to function then lose more weight in the sense of exercising during an empty stomach can only give problems. Glycogen is a substance in foods that are used when exercising. If this is not present or you simply don’t have enough of this, then the only thing your body is burning is your muscles and not fats.


Caffeinated products such as coffee or tea should not drink if you have an empty stomach since this brings acid production in the stomach that causes acid reflux and heartburn. Make sure to drink water first before consuming any of this.

These are the three most common things we have researched that you shouldn’t do with an empty stomach. Why don’t you start practicing these now to prevent any problems in the future?