2018 List Of Countries Where Filipino Passport Holders Can Travel Visa-Free

Many Filipinos love to travel the world. In recent days, traveling has been part of the trend. Aside from the chance to visit new places, it is also a way to earn money for some. Well, thanks to affordable airfare being offered by airline companies.

But if you travel often, then for sure you knew that for you to be able to visit a certain country, you must undergo the tiring process of having a Visa. They will require you to prepare all the necessary documents to comply such as filled out visa application form, need to produce a bank statement of account, employment certificate, hotel bookings, and sometimes flight ticket/reservations.

After presenting all the documents to the countries’ embassy, they will still need to verify it, which sometimes takes more than 3 weeks to finish. If you’re not lucky enough and your visa application was denied the processing fee will not be refunded.

The good news is that there are a handful of countries that allows Philippine passport holders to enter their borders without a visa, or will only require a visa on arrival, or e-visa which is a lot easier to process. According to www.passportindex.org, Philippines is ranked 64th with a visa-free score of 63 when comes to travel freely for its citizen without the need for a Visa.

There are a total of 33 countries that have Visa Free, 29 Countries with visa on arrival, and 14 eVisa entry policy for Philippine passport holders. Most countries included are from ASEAN, while other countries in Asia (none ASEAN), Africa, North, Central, and South America, one country in Europe, and several Oceania countries.

Now, let’s check the list of the respective countries that have visa-free, visa on arrival, and e-visa policy for Philippine passport holders.

The following countries offer a Visa-free for Filipino passport holders:

16 Asian Countries Visa-free for Philippine Passport Holders

  • Brunei Darussalam – 14 days
  • Cambodia – 15 days
  • Indonesia – 30 days
  • Laos – 30 days
  • Malaysia – 14 days
  • Myanmar – 14 days
  • Singapore – 30 days
  • Thailand – 30 days
  • Viet Nam – 21 days. Single entry visa is valid for 30 days
  • Hong Kong – 14 days
  • Macau – 30 days
  • Mongolia – 21 days
  • Israel – 90 days
  • Taiwan – 14 days (under a 9 month trial period from November 2017 until July 31, 2018)
  • Myanmar (Burma) – 14 days visa free, need to apply for eVisa for 28 days stay, visa holders must arrive via Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw or Mandalay airports
  • Palestinian Territories

9 Countries in North, South, and Central America Visa Free for Filipinos

  • Bolivia – 90 days
  • Brazil – 90 days
  • Colombia – 90 days can be extended for another 90 days
  • Ecuador
  • Peru – 183 days
  • Suriname – 90 days
  • Costa Rica – 30 days, can be extended for total of 90 days
  • Haiti – 3 months
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines – 1 month

4 Africa Countries Visa free for Filipinos

  • Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) – 90 days
  • Morocco – 90 days
  • Gambia – 90 days
  • Rwanda – 90 days

3 Oceania Countries Visa free for Filipinos

  • Fiji – 4 months
  • Micronesia – 30 days
  • Vanuatu – 30 days
  • 1 Europe Country Visa free for Philippine Passport Holders
  • Kosovo – Visa free for 15 days of stay, if you have a valid Schengen Visa
    While, these countries are for Visa on Arrival and eVisa:

12 Asian Countries that allows Visa on Arrival and eVisa for Filipinos

  • Armenia – 120 Days
  • Azerbaijan – eVisa required (need to inquire at the embassy Republic of Azerbaijan of what Visa is applicable to Philippine Passport holders)
  • Georgia
  • India – 60 days, e-visa holders must arrive through 24 designated airports and / or 3 designated seaports
  • Iran – 30 days
  • Kyrgyzstan – 1 month. Visa on arrival is available at Manas International Airport
  • Maldives – 30 days
  • Nepal – 90 days
  • Sri Lanka – 30 days
  • Timor-Leste – 30 days
  • Tajikistan – 45 days via Dushanbe International Airport
  • United Arab Emirates

5 Countries in North, South, and Central America Visa on Arrival and eVisa for Filipinos

  • Nicaragua – 90 days
  • Dominica
  • Saint Lucia – 6 weeks
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis – 30 days
  • Trinidad and Tobago

17 Africa Countries Visa on Arrival and eVisa for Filipinos

  • Cape Verde
  • Comoros – 45 days
  • Djibouti
  • Guinea – Bissau – 90 days
  • Kenya – 3 months
  • Madagascar – 30 days (free visa on arrival)
  • Malawi – 30 days can be extended to 90 days
  • Mauritania – Visa on arrival available at Nouakchott-Oumtounsy International Airport
  • Mauritius – 60 days
  • Mozambique – 30 days
  • Togo – 7 days
  • Gabon – E-Visa holders must arrive via Libreville International Airport
  • Lesotho
  • Sao Tome and Principe
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

5 Oceania Countries Visa on Arrival for Filipinos

  • Marshall Islands – 90 days
  • Palau – 30 days
  • Papua New Guinea – 60 days
  • Samoa – 60 days
  • Tuvalu – 1 month

If you’re looking for your first country to visit in 2019, then I would suggest that you try visiting first the countries that are visa free to be exposed to another culture other than the Philippines.

Try to check this list and save it as your reference whenever you are looking for the countries that have visa-free (no visa requirements), visa on arrival, and eVisa policy for Philippine passport holders.

Visa Free entry countries – This means that you do not need to apply for a certain number of days as these countries allow Philippine passport holders to enter their borders without the need for Visa and stay there for a period of time.

Visa on arrival countries – Visa on arrival means that you can get a visa once you arrived as these are the countries will require Filipinos a visa before they will be allowed to enter their borders. The visa can be received at the airport, seaport, or point of entry of the said country, make sure to check this before you booked a ticket.
There is no need for a prior visa application and there is also a fee for this particular type of visa and it will be issued by an immigration officer.

Electronic Visa (eVisa) – These types of visa can be done online (usually at the embassy website of respective countries) and also required to be paid online. The stamp that will be attached to your passport has no label or and your visa which is linked to your passport number can be accessed by the airline company prior to departure and immigration officer upon arrival to your destination country.

Over the past years, the Philippines is among the 143 countries that improved their rank. Top of the global list is Germany with visa-free access to 177 countries based on the 2018 Visa Restrictions Index.

Please note that the visa policy may change without prior notice so it would be better to check online or get in touch with the respective embassy websites of the country you plan to visit before booking your flight.