13 Amazing Health Benefits of Paragis Grass

A certain type of grass which is claimed to cure various diseases is making rounds online.

Paragis or wiregrass with a scientific name Eleusine indica is an abundant plant available anywhere and being developed on river banks, empty areas, and roadsides. Luckily, it can be found throughout the Philippines as well as in some other tropical countries.

The entire parts of the Paragis can be made out of specific sorts of chemicals and substances that provide a good advantage to your health. The leaves of the Paragis contain silicon monoxide, calcium oxide, and chlorine that will help treat any illness. The Paragis likewise contains protein that will give more medicinal benefits to one’s body.

A lot of studies have shown it’s anti-inflammatory, antiplasmodial, antidiabetic, phytoremediative, pancreatic lipase inhibitory, antioxidant, antileishmanial, antioxidant, cytotoxic properties. It is considered diuretic, antihelminthic, diaphoretic, and febrifuge.

Here are the 13 symptoms that can be treated by Paragis plants:

1. Wound Bleeding – it can viably treat wounds and scratches. Keep in mind that the goal is to stop bleeding, crush the leave of Paragis and you can apply this Paragis grass on the affected part.

2. Diabetes – keep in mind that the purpose is to treat diabetes, you have to drink Paragis grass tea. The reason behind why it is effective because it contains anti-diabetic.

3. Fever – Paragis can bring down the high fever experienced.

4. Câncêr – it has antioxidants that can fight tumor and câncêr cells in the body.

5. Sprain – It is trusted that putting a small amount of Paragis leaves on the harmed parts of the body will enable it to recuperate quickly.

6. Dandruff – minimize the appearance of dandruff. Mix the leaves and stems with coconut oil. Utilize it as a cleanser and gently massage it on your scalp.

7. Dysentery – watery that runs with a vein can be dealt with by drinking the Paragis tea.

8. High Blood Pressure – the stem and the leaves of this Paragis grass can adjust and bring down the risk of hypertension by consuming three glasses a day before a meal.

9. Worms in the Stomach – drinking leaves and Paragis plant can help remove and get rid of worms in the stomach.

10. Arthritis – you have to apply the leaves of Paragis grass with coconut oil on the affected part to treat arthritis and drink 3 glasses a day.

11. Kidney Problems – Paragis plant contains diuretic properties, it builds the measure of water in your body, which expels the salt from it and help flushed through the pee.

12. Prevent Cervical Câncêr – use the boiled stem and leaves of paragis plant to treat cervical protests. Drink 3 times a day before a meal. You need to consume water at least 8 glasses a day or more.

13. Prolapsed Uterus – utilized the root as a part of the mixture of natural Paragis plants for the treatment of prolapsed uterus.