10 Popular Food Combinations That Can Ruin Your Health

Do you often have problems in digesting a meal? Turns out, there are a lot of tasty food combinations that are terrible for your health. Sometimes when we combine two amazing foods, their health risks together are greater than the sum of their parts. Combining the wrong foods can lead to slower digestion, altered gut bacteria, and even illness.

These digestion problems also set in motion a sort of chain reaction. As if that was not bad enough, you are not getting the full benefits of proper nutrition because of the faulty digestion.

Here are 10 food combinations to avoid:

1. Meat and Potatoes

There are a lot of us who like to eat meat with mashed or grilled potatoes. These two foods, together can create some digestive problems. The lack of fiber can cause stomach problems.

2. Fruit After a Full Meal

We have all, at some point had a fruit instead of that heavy chocolate cake, in our attempt to be healthy. This is a bad idea when you’re on a full stomach. Eating fruit after a meal doesn’t combine well with other foods since it requires no digestion and causes the other food to stay in the stomach for a long time.

3. Yogurt with Fruit

A regular breakfast meal and something a lot of us eats without giving it a second thought. This too is not a very healthy combination as when the protein-rich yogurt comes in contact with acidic fruit, it diminishes digestive fibers, produces toxins and may even lead to cold allergies.

4. Tomatoes in Pasta

Who knew this staple meal for a lot of people was not good for the body? Pasta is rich in starchy carbs and difficult to digest. The tomatoes which are highly acidic cause hindrance in the digestion of starch and cause bloating.

5. Muffins and Juice

This is another common breakfast combination that will leave you feeling tired soon after. This meal trades the protein and fiber you need to start your day for excess carbohydrates, which will kick your blood sugar but it will crash soon after.

6. Olive Oil and Nuts

This combination can make you sick because the protein in nuts and the fat in olive oil do not mix. Thus, the raw fat being digested prevents the protein from being digested.

7. Pizza and Soda

Most of us can’t eat pizza without a fizzy drink. The carbs in the pizza along with proteins and starch take up a lot of your body’s energy for digestion. In addition to this, the sugar in the soda slows down digestion and other stomach processes.

8. Cereal and Juice

We all like to start our mornings with something that gives us energy. The combination of cereal and juice will not give you too much energy to start your day and may leave you with some amount of discomfort, causing heaviness. The acids in orange juice lower the activity of the enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates.

9. Burger and Fries

The trans fats in both these food items (since the burger patty and chips are both deeply fried) will lower your blood sugar levels and more often than not, cause you to feel tired and sleepy.

10. Eggs and Bacon

The high protein content in the egg and the fat in the bacon is something that gives an instant energy boost as soon as you eat it and this energy will vanish very soon, leaving you lethargic.

Tomato + Cucumber

This is a very popular combination for a summer salad. However, the latest research shows that combining these 2 vegetables can disturb the biochemical pathways of your body. This can lead to excessive calcination and swelling, and the vitamins contained in both vegetables won’t be digested properly.

Milk + Banana

This food couple has become very popular among followers of a healthy lifestyle because it’s nourishing and fast to prepare. However, some nutritionists believe that fruits, especially sweet ones, should be consumed separately. They stay inside the body for longer, slowing down the digestion system, especially when eaten with other foods. As for milk, it is also more healthy to drink it separately.

source: brightside