Young Man Inspired Netizens After Sharing His Story on Why He Chose to Marry a Single Mother

In a somewhat conservative country like the Philippines, a single mother is judged more often than not especially when she bore a child out of wedlock. Some men view a single mom to be a burden or a no-no. They see it difficult to love a woman with another man’s child.

Although it’s partly true that being a single parent has its fair share of issues, it still depends on the other person whether to let the situation consume him/her or not.

A man who has fallen in love and married a woman despite having two kids that aren't his own flesh and blood has decided to share their inspiring love story on Facebook.

Photo Credits: Angel Futalan | Facebook

Posted on Proud Bisaya's page, the inspiring story has shortly spread across the social media platform with netizens expressing their admiration to the man named Kim Futalan.

Their love story started when they stumbled upon each other on Facebook. Prior to tying the knot with Sofhia Angela "Angel" Tido Garcia, Futalan recalled how he waited patiently and endured a long-distance relationship for a whole year with Angel as she used to work in Saudi Arabia.

Futalan was fully aware of Angel's two kids with her previous partner but accepted and loved her just the same. In fact, he already went out of his way to meet Angel's family including her kids even before they could meet in person.

Photo Credits: Angel Futalan | Facebook

He regularly went to the Garcia residence to look after the children. Futalan had also promised Angel's dad that he would marry his daughter once she gets back home.

True enough, Futalan kept his word. Upon Angel's return to the Philippines, they have decided to move in together and eventually, the two finally got married.

According to his post, Futalan wanted to break people's negative notions on single mothers especially those who work hard so that they can support their families. He encouraged fellow men to accept and love single mothers because they, too, deserve it.