Woman who was About to Eat the Fertilized Duck Egg (Balut) She Purchased in a Market Discover Something Cute After Peeling the Egg

Even though the westerners well love the Philippines because of its “exotic” beauty in people and the country itself, one exotic food has raised curiosity among them.

“Balut” which is a common street food, is an exotic food to westerners but not to the Filipinos. It is a fertilized bird egg, usually, a mallard duck, boiled or steamed and best eaten by swallowing as a whole.

However, one netizen shared her experience with the famous ‘balut’ and its one to shock you. So for whoever loves balut, you better make sure you buy it cooked.

The girl started by posting the photo of the uncooked balut bought by her mom at the market. She was unaware it was uncooked at first, but upon cracking the shell, she heard a distinct chirping sound.

Her first impression was that her mom might have chicks in the house, but then as she looked closely in her balut, she realized the sound was coming from it.

She was curious because animals interest her, so she peeled the shell more.

She watched as the baby duck tried to get out of the shell. The girl felt nervous as she does not know a lot about ducks and how to take care of them.

When the baby duck was fully out of its shell, she felt relieved that it was alive.

Because she did not know a lot about these things, she asked her mom. Her mom advised her to incubate the baby duck with a light bulb.

She prayed that the duckling would survive and it did! She was so proud of herself that she decided to be “Doctor Bibe” or a doctor for ducks. She showed off how cute the duckling is, and evidently, she did a great job.

A lot of netizens congratulated her for a job well done! And it was a good thing she decided to take care of the duck instead of throwing it away. Now she has a cute pet duckling.

The embryo might not look good unlike in other culinary dishes, but it is high in protein and calcium. It is served directly from its shell which makes it more exotic.

The sight is part of the reason why it is best eaten in one big swallow, but others say it is more delicious that way. Good thing this partially developed embryo has soft bones.

It has not been the most well-appreciated delicacy to some but it the most delicious delicacy that makes the Philippines unique.