Woman Transformed Her Old Van Into a Mini Home and Travels Across the World with her Dog

You probably have heard some people say that when the opportunity arises for travel, take it. Life on earth is too short to just sit on the sidelines and reason with yourself that you will do it sometime in the future. Next summer. After graduation. When you retire.

For an Italian-born woman living in the UK for five years who hated her office work and felt she was too caught up by materialism strongly believes it is never too early to travel the world at 20 something. The world is filled with many treasures, and if you really want to see them, you need to see them while you can.

By ditching her day job in the North-East of England, Marina Piro started to travel the world with her Labradoodle rescue dog, Odie. And by travel, we mean traveling within her means – living off of savings, picking up casual jobs, and working remotely.

The young adventurer now lives in a five-door 2001 Renault Kangoo which she turned into a miniature home by herself for £500, installing a bed, curtains, kitchenette, and lights.

Reportedly, Marina chose the vehicle nicknamed as Pam The Van as she knew many kinds of transport and accommodation would be off limits with a dog and she didn’t want to leave Odie behind. Together, the duo adventures across the world with her very own custom-fitted travel van.

The two have already traveled across the south of England, visited lakes in France via Reims, enjoyed the seaside in Brighton, Vosges, Lyon, Switzerland and been hiking and biking in Italy. Marina plans to continue traveling for the foreseeable future.

Apart from her travel exploits, Marina also manages a website called Pam The Van Blog where she documents her journey extensively with her followers. The purpose of creating the blog, according to her, was “to make women feel like they could travel if they wanted to, even if they are alone or clueless.”

She also helps travelers with various hacks for solo, on-the-road, and budget travel. She has a YouTube channel with the same name, and their travels are also chronicled on Instagram under the handle pamthevan91 which has gathered almost 15,000 followers in a few short months.

Indeed, Marina is living her dreams and probably the dream of many others.

source: elitereaders