Woman Brought to Tears after Knowing the Truth Why This Stray Cat Refuses to Touch Food Unless it was in a Bag

Unlike dogs who are an open book, cats tend to be a bit more mysterious. Humans generally have no idea what’s going on with their odd behavior and stealthy personalities. One woman decided to check out what this cat was up to and what she found brought her to tears.

The elderly woman from Seoul, South Korea absolutely loves cats since she was a child. Five years ago, the woman moved to a part of the city with many buildings very close to each other. The amount of alleys and terraces is the perfect spot for a plight of stray cats to hang out. The woman immediately found herself taken by all of the hungry cats in her neighborhood.

Soon after, the old woman began feeding the strays. The neighbors didn’t seem to mind because that meant the strays wouldn’t be poking around their houses looking for food. It wasn’t long before all of the cats and the woman got to know each other. But since cats are pretty sneaky, she didn’t know all of their secrets.

Earlier this year, she noticed one cat in particular. A female cat, Dong Sook as she calls her, would only take food if it was left in a bag. Despite trying many times, she just could not get the cat to eat food of any kind from a bowl. So as she brought the other cats food, she made sure to take a special bag for Dong.

The woman finally decided that if she wanted to find out what was going on, she would have to follow Dong Sook. One day, she left a bag of food on the ground and waited for the cat to take it. Once Dong grabbed the bag, the old woman began to follow her through the alleys. What she found out moved her to tears.

She discovered that Dong had a kitten who she was bringing the food for. Dong had actually had 5 kittens but the kitten was her last kid left.

The mother cat was actually doing everything it could to keep her young alive. The woman was brought to tears by this realization and decided she had to do something to help. While Dong was clever and resourceful, the old woman wanted to ensure her efforts would not be in vain.

The woman contacted a local animal rescue group and told them about Dong Sook. They were skeptical of the story, but after watching the video she had recorded, they were in awe. “After suffering, she was attached to the kitten,” one of the group members said. They agreed to help the old woman give the cats a better chance in life.

The organization sent its rescuers to the woman’s neighborhood to find Dong Sook. It was not an easy task since she was not familiar with them. It was only when the old woman approached her with more food that they were able to find her and her kitten. However, as a lifelong stray, it was a challenge to catch Dong Sook without giving a fight.

The rescuers trapped the kitten first since it was smaller and more docile. They picked it up with extreme care to show Dong Sook they meant no harm. When the time came to catch the mother, she was wary but eventually let them take her. She knew it was the only way to be reunited with her kitten. The woman was sad to see them go but rejoiced at the thought of what awaited them.

What an incredible mom Dong Sook is! She’s willing to sacrifice her well-being for the sake of her kitten. Now Dong no longer has to scrounge for food for the two of them. It is so wonderful to see them in a warm house.