Wife Forgave Her Cheating Husband and Even Took Care of Him When He Got Sick

It’s a sad reality that married couples are impacted by infidelity. Although it happens for a multitude of complex reasons, not a single one can truly hold up as a valid excuse to engage in an extramarital affair. Bottom line is, the cheater doesn’t value monogamy, lacks empathy, or simply doesn’t care about the consequences.

If you are the one being cheated on, it’s normal to unleash both outpouring emotions and unbridled fury against your cheating partner. But on rare occasions, victims condone cheating out of enormous love for their husband or wife.

This video which has gone viral shares the story of a woman whose husband shamelessly took a new loving home. Instead of leaving the two together, she chose to stay despite being neglected and becoming an outcast in her own home.

She would cry herself to sleep as she witnessed her husband shared the same bed with the woman. The martyr wife would cook for them, clean up the house, do their laundry, and act like their all-around maid. The mistress would sometimes provoke her knowing that the husband would favor her over the legal wife.

After suffering long enough in silence without ever complaining, she fought back one day to the mistress who taunted her by throwing more clothes at the basin where the wife was washing. Fed up to the ears with how she was mistreated by the two, she threw a basin full of water to the mistress.

Instead of taking her side, the husband supported his mistress, and the poor wife had to leave the house.

She rented a room and was back on her feet shortly, operating a small food business. But right when she’s on to a better life, news that her husband had a heart attack upon learning that his mistress had another affair reached her.

Instead of having the last laugh or considering the news as his husband’s karma, she willingly went home to look after him, nursing him back to recovery.

If you were in the wife’s shoes, would you do the exact same thing?

source: rachfeed