What your Face Shape Says About your Character and Personality

This is quite an interesting topic to people which is involved in litigation between physical appearance consciousness and fate curiosity. The context of this concept varies from certain forms and shapes of a particular human face as it is subjective to tell something about your character or personality.

The expert in face reading, Jean Haner has written the book The Wisdom of Your Face, and in it, she says that most people do not have different face shapes. For instance, some people’s face can be a mixture of round and square or oval, and some even have a shaped face that you cannot even clearly identify.

We are not dealing with a lie or a guessing true or false or writing this article for the sake of likes and shares. However, there is a scientific study regarding face match with personality.

Haner says in her book that her techniques for face reading originate from a 3,000 years old study on Chinese medicine. The act reveals that there is a significant connection between your face and your general characteristics in life. This is a list of the six types of face shapes and what they reveal about you.

1. Face with an oval appearance or an egg-shaped

Face with egg-shaped pictures a spatial forehead instead of cheekbones and usually broader than the jaw. The person whose face has this shape always knows what to say in a given situation, and can make other people feel at peace, welcome and comfortable. However, they can sometimes be too concentrated on saying the right things. They really do care what others think of them.

2. Diamond or Triangle Face Shape

It is more similar in shape with a fruit called pear. This face is narrow in the forehead area and wide at the jaw-line. Usually, it is pretty angular and almost bony. It is possibly the rarest face shape.

People acquired by this shape type of the face are usually bossy, and at the same time, they are more likely in a good life condition or lucky man.

3. Circular Face Shape

This type of face is substantially broad and long. Furthermore, it is noticeable by an extensive hairline. The widest parts of the face are the cheeks.

People who have this type of face are approachable, kind and unselfish. They put others’ needs before theirs, often attracting narcissistic and they often wind up not getting what they want from the relationship. In the end, these people realize that they give too much and that they should not make other people priority.

4. Square Face Shape

This shape of the face has a wider jawline and hairline. The jaw line, the forehead and the cheeks are almost equally extensive. The most prominent characteristic is the hard jawline in the shape of a square.

Usually, thought to be pretty smart and reasonable. Haner says that this type of face shape is characteristic of people who take big projects because of their stamina.

5. Heart Face Shape

Haner claims that people who have this face shape, both men and women, have a bit pointy chin. The width of the face narrows towards the chin, meaning that the forehead is broad and prominent.

People who have this face shape have incredible inner strength. If they want to achieve something and if they set a goal, they will pursue it. Their strength is inner, and it should not be mistaken for stamina. These people are pretty intuitive as well, and pretty creative. If they determine to succeed in something, they can be very pushy.

Every people has their own belief and rights to claim something that it does exist. Hence, in this case, which came to your mind are those facts that may or may not eventually happening in our natural mindset.

That sometimes you may probably think that this person who is involved with this kind of theories are just thinking through imagination. But you should not remove the possibilities of something may occur. You should know the boundaries between sorcery and imagination of what if's! Thank you for reading.