What You Need to Know About ‘Beer Ramen’ – Canada’s Latest Food Trend

If you thought you’ve had enough of Instagrammable food trends in your life, then wait until you learn about this newest addition on the list.

A Japanese restaurant, Yuu Japanese Tapas, in British Columbia, Canada is attracting much attention both online and offline for its incredibly unique dish called the “Chilled Beer Ramen.”

The idea first came to the restaurant owner, Julia Kubotani, earlier this summer on an especially hot afternoon in Vancouver.

If you love beer and you cannot fathom the idea of ramen being dipped in your favorite beverage, or if you are crazy over ramen and do not want anything to mix up with the soup dish, worry not.

Contrary to any initial assumptions you may have about this new trend, its only hops-related aspect is the stein that it’s served in. Here’s what you need to know about this odd-sounding concoction:

Beer Ramen is a meal that’s served in a large beer mug and does not contain any alcohol. The chilled broth which gives beer-like appearance is prepared from bonito (fish) flakes topped with a fake foam made from egg whites and gelatine. So what you mistook for ramen dunked in beer at first glance is actually nothing but broth and noodles.

Ramen is a Japanese specialty made with Chinese-style wheat noodles in a flavorful protein or veggie-based broth topped with sliced pork and dried seaweeds or green onions.

The Beer Ramen is served cold and is a special summer delicacy served with a chicken or veggie tempura. If it still doesn’t entice you, the restaurant also serves hot ramen in practical, functional bowls.

Here are several amazing Instagram posts by visitors who got out there and tasted the Beer Ramen!

Whether the ramen is here to stay or will become a short-lived food fad is for you to decide.

source: INSIDER