What Kind of Personality Do you Have According to your Blood Type?

The human blood consists of simple rudiments. It is a grouping depends on the existence or lack of congenital antigenic elements on the surface of red blood cells. The antigens make the four types differ from each other and this are proteins and sugar present in the body that can be used to classify the blood cells as belonging to our own system.

Your blood plays a vital role in nourishment for your body, but different blood types would respond differently to definite ingredients in food. Blood aids as exporters of nutrients from foods that you intake into the cells and clearly not all blood are precisely the same.

According to research in Japan, it is thought that the individual blood types (A, B, AB, and O) have a direct influence on their character and capabilities in certain fields.

The television programs and newspapers in that country feature blood type horoscopes, wherein cupids who focus on finding the future partner are based on their blood types. The research also said that blood types can help to reveal some diseases that may occur also blood types it can prevent us from some ailments.

Let’s find out the positive and negative traits that fit you.

Blood type A:

Positive traits: Old-fashioned, prompt, persistent, quiet, reserved and hair-splitters or perfectionist.

Negative Traits: anxious, compulsive, obstinate, insecure

Here are some personalities who have a blood type A; Johnson, Richard Nixon, Jet Li, O.J. Simpson, Britney Spears, George H. W. Bush, Adolf Hitler.

People who have this kind of blood type are likely to plan everything out earlier and carry out tasks with significance and reliability. They are also reflected as the most artistic. To add more, a greater risk for several types of cancer is associated with having this type of blood. It includes pancreatic cancer and leukemia.

Blood Type B:

Positive traits: obsessive, animal lover, open-minded, artistic, flexible

Negative Traits: careless, absent, self –centred

Here are some personalities who have a blood type B; Luciano Pavarotti, Mia Farrow, Paul McCartney, and Leonardo DiCaprio

People who have blood type B can be a great psychiatrist, detectives, and journalists of their time because they are highly altered to body language and can read others very naturally.

Blood Type AB

Positive traits: sensible, vigorous and calm

Negative Traits: reserved and intolerant.

Marilyn Monroe, Mick Jagger, John F. Kennedy Thomas Edison, Bob Sapp, and Jackie Chan has a blood type AB.

They are considered as the fewest and most spiritual of all the blood types. They can top in areas like forecasting and form as well as executive and instructive positions. Blood type AB person is also expected as the accountable e but too much obligation often causes problems.

Blood type O

Positive traits: leadership skills, high self-esteem, Determined and athletic

Negative Traits: ineffective, big-headed, cruel and obtuse

People like Elvis Presley, Queen Elizabeth II, Mikhail Gorbachev, Paul Newman, John Lennon, and Ronald Reagan, Al Capone, Gerald Ford, John Gotti, Crystal Kay are blood type O.

Most of them are outgoing, flexible, very social and they can adapt to easily to some changes. They are good and expert when it comes to leadership

Source: planetinsider.net