Welcome to the World’s Smallest Inhabited Island, an Island Just Big Enough for One House and One Tree

We’ve often watched movies about rich people owning an island, with mansions, huge driveway and the such. But let me tell you, there is an island that has only enough room for a house and a tree.

It may not have a driveway nor a fancy garden, but it has become more popular than David Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio’s island estates.

One tiny island located in Alexandria Bay, in the middle of New York and Ontario, was hailed as the “world’s smallest island.” It was fittingly named, “Just Room Enough Island”.

It is considered as one of St. Lawrence River’s 1,864 islands. It only has 3,300 square feet which roughly is the size of a tennis court. It has taken the title of “smallest inhabited island” from Bishop Rock, which is double the size of Just Room Enough Island, and only has a lighthouse which is automated since 1982, so no one has to operate it manually.

The island was formerly called, “Hub Island”, until it was bought by the Sizelands family which they renamed the island upon purchase. They reportedly wanted to have a gateway island to escape the busy life of the city.

Although they have limited space on their island, they enjoy the relaxation view and peace that relieves their stress. This island also became famous and a tourist sight, whenever ferries and cruises pass by that, makes their privacy to keep impossible.

The Island was small enough and so close to the water that whenever you go outside the house, your feet will surely get wet. One wrong step and you’ll be going swimming.

The island has only one house and one tree. It really looks so homey and attractive whenever they want peace.

Soon, the Island will surely be featured in a movie. Just looking at it reminds me of the movie “Up”. But instead of having a porch, they placed deck chairs outside, to chill and relax along their front-yard-beach.