Welcome to the Cleanest Public Market in the Philippines, The Bukidnon Public Market

Looking for the cheapest place to shop in the Philippines? We can all agree that “palengke” or the market is the best place to shop goods wet or dry products at very low prices.

But, we all have in mind that when we say market, it’s an awful-smelling place where meats, fishes, vegetables and poultry products are the main things being sold.

For this reason, people would tend to go to the grocery store in malls and mini-marts to buy food which costs more than the market price.

People are not paying for the product they actually bought but for the convenience and sanitary fact, they consider when buying food.

Let the wet market establishment in Bukidnon change our mindset about the markets in the Philippines.

Kyle “Kulas” Jennerman uploaded photos on Facebook sharing how clean and organized the whole market is. Taking a look at the footages, we can conclude that this market is way too different from the usual Filipino market.

At first look, it’s looking more like a supermarket grocery store than a wet public market. Cool aye?

All the products sold in each stall inside the market are well managed and is looking very fresh.

The eatery and other small restaurants are inviting to dine, and even the floors are shining like mirrors.

Cleanliness is the top priority of this market and all vendors are required to clean their places before and after market hours.

This public market is the opposite of all the others traditional markets found in the Philippines.

The Maramag Public Market is the “Cleanest Wet Market in the Philippines” and makes everyone on the internet go crazy.

It is really a total opposite of the so-called flea market in the Philippines which shows uninviting sights and foul odor.

Not just that, the public toilets found inside the market are as clean as those in the expensive hotel toilets. Isn’t it surprising?

Jennerman added that there are some stalls that have fine granite materials that make proper ventilation for a more pleasing scent.

Kudos to the people behind this and to all the people who keep this market clean.