Viral Video of a Faithful Dog Pushing the Wheelchair of his Disabled Master Touches the Heart of Netizens on Social Media

To some, owning a dog is fundamentally important for a person’s life and well-being. When life gets difficult, dogs can often be a powerful support system especially when one hits rock bottom. This touching moment of a disabled man in a wheelchair pushed along by his dog which has gone viral online is one perfect example.

A motorcycle accident from a few years back left Danilo Alarcon, 46, with a spinal injury making him unable to walk. Fortunately, he found someone to help ease the burden.

Onlooker, Faith Revilla, said she and her husband, Danjo, were driving home when they saw the heartwarming scene. In awe of what she was witnessing, she whipped out her camera to capture the touching sight.

The seven-month-old dog, named after Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte, and his ‘dad’ were seen making their way down a street in the city of Davao. The loyal pet ‘Digong’ followed its master and nudged his wheelchair along with its nose.

Revilla said: “We felt blessed to have witnessed this extraordinary sight of an amazing creature helping its master maneuver his wheelchair along Seminary Drive. I mean, I thought it only happens in TV shows, but this was a very real scene. I have no words to describe my emotions right now. May the good Lord bless them both.”

Moved by the dog’s actions, Revilla and her husband pulled over to introduce themselves and they later took the pair to a buffet lunch at her favorite restaurant as “a treat.” The married couple also learned a little more about the special bond between Digong and Alarcon.

Digong has been with Alarcon since he was born and he won’t leave his dad’s side since then. The young dog helps Alarcon navigate the streets. But their friendship is never one-way. When Digong needs a break, Alarcon is more than happy to return the favor.

Revilla posted the video clip on Facebook where it has since been viewed over 100,000 times. And in the following weeks, after the video was first captured, Alarcon and Digong have continued to stop by to visit the Revillas.

“Dogs truly are man’s best friend,” Revilla said. “If we genuinely care, respect and love them, they will surely do the same for us, too.”

Source: Pet Dog Pushes Disabled Owner In Wheelchair by ViralPress