Try This 5 ways to Achieve Beautiful Body Shape

A rounder and firmer butt can be a big asset for many women because it signifies a sexier body and can attract more opposite gender. Some women undergo a surgery just to have a perfect butt, but through effort and hard work you can achieve a rounder and firmer butt without spending money and undergoing a surgery.

Today we will teach you simple and easy exercises on how to make your butt rounder and firmer. Here are 6 effective exercises to achieve the butt shape that you want.

1. Extended Leg V-lifts:

This exercise starts on your knees. After that place your forearms on the floor and make sure your elbows make a line on the floor. As you are down on the floor raise and extend your legs to the back with pointed toes and lift your leg backward and forward. Do 15 repetition on your both legs.

2. Standing Donkey Kick:

This exercise starts as you bring together your feet. As you lower yourself, make sure your other leg is in a squat position. Your weight must be placed on the planted foot and lift your other leg to your back and pull your leg to your back and to the front repeat this routine at least 20 times on both legs.

3. Booty Crossover:

It will start on your shoulders as you make a line to your wrists. After making that position extend your right leg towards your back and kick it straight and cross down to your left. If you are done with that position return the first position and repeat this at least 10 times before you switch a leg.

4. Leg Extension with hip thrust:

As you lie down bend your knees for a 90-degree position and extend your arm sideward. After that, extend your right leg in a straight position as you lift your hips and bend it to your chest as you make a 45- degree angle. Repeat this at least 10 times to your both legs.

5. Deep Squats:

This exercise will start on your feet and shoulder are width apart as well as your chest must be high and knees above your ankles’ line. Go lower down your butt until your thighs make a 90-degree position as you push with your heels as you go back to standing position. Repeat this 15 times.

6. Roundhouse:

Place your hands and knees on the floor. Your hands must be placed under your shoulders and your knees make a line to your hips. Your abdominal muscles must squeeze tight to have a more beneficial workout. Kick your leg outward and sideward. Repeat this routine 15 times on both legs.

These exercises are good ways to develop the muscles in your butt, hips as well as the shape of your legs. Aside from that it also develops the strength of your knees. What are you waiting for, try this at home.