With the Help Of Vice Ganda, His “Yayas” Graduated from College

Vice Ganda’s real name is Jose Marie Borja Viceral. He was born on 31 March 1976, known by his stage name Vice Ganda, he is a Filipino comedian, television presenter, actor, and singer.

Vice is a regular host on ABS-CBN’s noontime variety show “It’s Showtime” and has starred in numerous films, which most of it are considered the highest grossing film in the Philippine cinema.

As a comedian, Vice Ganda has his fair share of harsh critics, some would describe him as ill-mannered or tactless.

Some may even dislike him for his jokes and the unfiltered insults, but this award-winning actor carries a heart of gold. As a matter of fact, he did his best to give back to those who are close to his heart.

Vice’s Angels, Jacquelyn Guerrero, and Emelyn Freo were blessed enough to receive life-changing treatment from their amazing boss.

We’ve often seen how the famous comedian generously treats those people whom he cares about, including the loyal people who work for him.

Vice Ganda is very much thankful to his house helpers and he refers to them as “Vice’s Angels”.

Jacquelyn Guerrero and Lalaine Freo have been house helpers of the Unkabogable star, Vice Ganda for six years now. They were referred to as Vice Ganda’s Angels, these two ladies have been repeatedly seen together with Vice and seen by netizens in some of his entertaining snaps. Including the viral video of “Talo FEU! Walang kakain.”

It turns out that originally Jacquelyn and Emelyn planned to stay with the comedian for only a year. But Vice apparently talked to them to stay for much longer.

He generously offered them to stay and that he will take care of the school expenses for their education.

Now that his Angels are finally graduating from college, he had another surprise waiting for them. Knowing that the school had a graduation ball before the actual Graduation.

Vice Ganda prepared a wonderful total makeover for his Angels. As they parade their beauty at the ball, both of them wore beautiful pink gowns courtesy of the “It’s Showtime” host.