This Wedding is Interrupted Because The Groom Leave His Wedding Just to Save a Family from House Fire

A wedding day is one of the highlights in our life. We want it to be perfect and no interruptions from anything or especially from work. We want to make it one of the best day that we could ever have. Who would love to miss this special event?

But one fireman went viral after leaving their wedding not because he’s undecided to marry her bride but because of work call to save a family from a house fire.

The 39-year-old Jeremy Bourasa, from Cottage Grove, Minnesota married his long-time girlfriend, 32-year-old Krista Boland, at the fire station of St. Paul Park Fire Department.

The couple decided to have their wedding in a fire station is something precious and meaningful to them especially to Jeremy. He chose to be a fireman after Kista lost her sister’s house as well as a nephew and a niece in two separate house fire. Jeremy and Kista have a very dramatic entrance on their wedding riding a fire truck.

Days before their wedding day, they had mulled the possibility of what they would if there would be a fire call but had shrugged it off as something that would probably not happen. But fate is tricky and has always had an interesting plot twist.

After the wedding ceremony, a photoshoot was taking scene before going to the reception, but something unexpected happened. The fire station received a fire call, and since the wedding was there, everyone was right away informed about the ongoing fire.

“At first I looked at him like, ‘No, don’t even think about it,’ and he wasn’t going to think about it,” Krista revealed.
“But then, we were taking a couple more pictures, and I could hear how bad the fire was. It was the city next to us that needed help, so it was an ‘all-call,’ where they call for extra men.”

Knowing that she marries someone who has a heavy responsibility to anyone who’s in danger with fire, Kista relented and gave her blessing to Jeremy to fight the fire and save the family’s lives. Jeremy changed his clothes right away and rode the same fire truck which delivered them to their wedding entourage.

Everyone praises the couple for setting aside their wedding to the sake of other people. Jeremy was hailed as a hero for saving the family’s lives and also admired how Kista handled the situation and even taking the lead for a prayer for the safety of his husband, the victims and all the firefighters who take risks to save others.

What an admirable couple indeed!