This Newly Invented Kit Will Turn your Normal Bicycle into a Boat – A Foldable Shuttle Bike Kit

Inventions have really made our lives more convenient and fun in some ways. Have you ever thought of cycling in the water? Yes, you’ve read it right! But this is not a just a trivial idea, because the initial invention of hydro-cycle had been done a long time ago and has been improved over the years.

Recently, a so-called shuttle bike has been invented so that cyclist doesn’t have to stop and carry their bikes when they need to cross rivers or any areas with a deep water.

This idea was from the brains of Roberto Siviero. He created the shuttle kit along with the engineering firm named SBK. These bikes have a portable shuttle kit that can turn a normal bicycle into a mini water boat. It is extremely portable and can easily be carried along while driving.

The entire kit and its parts are exclusively manufactured in Italy and Venice. Knowing that these places have great canals is perfect for testing this new invention. The kit includes platforms or floats which are airtight and can be inflated with the help of a special bicycle pedal that pumps air into the floats. These yellow colored platforms are made of plastic and nylon which makes it perfectly durable.

In order to arrange the aquatic bicycle, you just have to attach the rudder to the front wheel for easy movement on the water. The small flexible joint makes the rudder move smoothly through the water without causing any damage on the boat. There is also a circular gear that helps you in changing directions when you pedal.

This handy and indispensable kit has a starting price of around $1,300. This might be quite expensive for others but compared to buying a boat or aquatic vehicles this is more cheap and handy that you can attach it directly to your normal bike and make it a boat instantly!

In our modern world, suck kind of quirky invention is a great contribution to the society making things lighter and easier. Just imagine, because of this kit people can go to places and cross small bodies of water just by using their bicycles!