This Kid Eats Rice With Soy Sauce and Vinegar for Lunch and Hides from His Classmates

It can never be in two scenes at a time. Like in life, it’ll never be the same as others ate. There’s a saying that, if you’re born poor is not a problem but staying poor until you a pass away is a huge problem that needs a solution.

But it is harder for a child to experience a lot of unwanted sacrifice to face. Despite the challenges that we face every day, sometimes we think of almost giving up but does it ever cross your mind that there are a large number of people in the world that suffers more or even worst.

Have you ever think that in the times that you’ll about to give up there’s a lot of people still trying to live life? In life, when you feel tired of everything, get some rest and continue. Just like what this boy in the photo.

Curiba saw this young boy and was trying to ask for the kid’s name, but it refused to answer him back and kept his head down showing that he feels ashamed that someone saw rice with soy sauce and vinegar for lunch.

According to Curiba, he was able to deduce that the boy studies at San Mateo Elementary School in Tungao, Butuan City. Curiba was trying to find a nearby store to buy some foods for the kids but no one near is them.

So Curiba decided that next time he passes near where he sees the child, he’ll bring him foods.

Most of us, in general, would always dream of luxurious brands and to be able to achieve that, we study and work very hard. Just like this child in the video, being poor isn’t a hindrance to success, and he continues to follow his dream and be successful someday soon.