This Guy Prank His Mother and Regrets it Afterwards

The craziest part of the year? Everyone will agree if we say it’s the April 1st of April Fools Day. Even before the actual day came, almost everyone is planning what shocking and hilarious prank will they be doing and the target person to be pranked. Exciting aye? We can prank our friends, family and loved ones. But think again when you’re going to be pranking your family, especially your Mom! Here’s the reason why.

In the viral Pilipino News update, it started when the son texted her mother a big and an unexpected news. He unveils that at his young age, he got his girlfriend pregnant. Being so surprised by what his son texted her, the mother got so hot-tempered and even decided to kick his son out of their house.

Alarmed with his mother’s sudden decision, the son immediately confesses that he was making up stories and was all part of the celebration of April Fools. However, the horn-mad mother can’t move on about the prank and accidentally revealed the “truth” about her son.

After reading his mother’s response, the son was amazed and knew that we were not the biological son of his parents. He became so sad and didn’t even know what to reply to his mom. But, a few minutes later, his mom texted again and confessed that she was making a revenge prank on his son.

The uproarious conversation became hot on social media and ‘twas a great trend on April Fools. Everyone was amazed at how clever the mother’s revenge was. So next time planning on pranking your mom, be ready for what to happen next.

Read the conversation below:

Do you plan to prank your mom? Think twice before you do it.