The Reasons why you Have Bloated Stomach and How to Get Rid of it

Many people think their fat because of their big tummy, what people don’t know that their stomach is just bloated.

This is a common problem which usually occurs after a heavy meal. The problem is some people feel bloated all the time.

Some people are wondering why they have a slim body but have a bloated stomach all the time. Actually, there are several reasons about, and that is what we will discuss for you in this article. With the information below you will know why you are always bloated and what and how to get rid of bloated stomach.

You Don’t Drink Enough Amount of Water

We all know that water is the cure for many diseases, and it is necessary for our body to consume the right amount of water every day to support our body. When a person doesn’t drink the right amount of water, their organism starts to use the liquids inside the body that can lead to fluid retention which is the primary caused of a bloated stomach.

Always be reminded that if you drink coffee or alcohol which is the common cause of fluid retention in your body, make sure that you drink 6 to 8 glasses of water as well to flush all the unwanted compound from the coffee and alcohol that you consumed.


If you are suffering from constipation more often, make sure that you consumed enough fiber into your diet, that will help your digestion process speed up and to get rid of your bloated stomach immediately.

Don’t consume too much fiber because it can make the situation even worst. Just add some whole grain bread instead of white bread, then eat more berries and add a lot of smoothies.

You are in the too Stressed

Too much stress is also the main caused of bloating, this is because when the brain starts to stress, it makes the digestive system to prevent from working properly leading to stomach ache, and constipation. Relieving your stress can help you reduce your bloated stomach.

You Eat Too Fast

Eating too fast without chewing the food properly can affect your digestion process. The food which is not chewed properly may be hard to digest leading to bloating stomach.


Recent studies proved that eating too many carbs can lead to bloating stomach, so start your day eating low carbs food to prevent your stomach from being bloated.

Always remember that eating healthy food and a daily exercise can help you get rid of your bloated stomach. Share this article with your friends so that we can also help them with their bloated stomach problems. Enjoy your day.