Take a Look at Kuya Kim’s Museum-Inspired Modern House in the Heart of Malate

Kim Atienza, popularly known as Kuya Kim, is a Filipino TV host, actor, weather anchor, and a former politician. After his involvement with politics for 12 years, Kuya Kim served as councilor of the 5th District of Manila for three terms.

Kuya Kim is a father of three (Jose III, Eliana, and Emman) and is married to Felicia Hung, President and Founding Member of Chinese International School Manila (CISM).

After recovering from a stroke in 2010 and Guillain-Barré in 2013, Kuya Kim has become an avid marathoner, triathlete, and cyclist. He has finished several marathons, 70.3 Ironman, and full Ironman races and continued to compete and lead his age group up to this day.

Being known for his trivia on just about anything with people often referring to him as a walking encyclopedia, it is no secret that Kuya Kim is a huge animal lover. As a matter of fact, he owns many animals at home – some as common as house pets, but a few of which are actually considered rare in this part of the world. He is also a lover of art pieces which is highly evident in his vast art collection. Artworks can be found just about anywhere inside their house.

As one steps inside Kuya Kim’s mid-century modern house in the heart of Malate, you will instantly feel as if you were transported to an art gallery, a museum of really cool artifacts, or even a loft in the heart of Manhattan.


Photo credits: realliving

The gates of Atienza home was built sometime in the 50s or 60s and renovated extensively by Joe Salazar when he bought it in the 70s.

Living Area

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The living area is furnished with different collector’s pieces, timeless creations of renowned artists, and posh designers.

Dining Area

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Photo credits: realliving

The dining area is given life by two Frank Gehry Cloud lamps, the presence of eclectic pieces of art, and mismatched chairs.


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The industrial kitchen mimics that of a restaurant with its cold stainless-steel finish.


Photo credits: realliving
Photo credits: realliving

The vibrant garden and the massive, century-old balete tree that grew on the side of the house continue to thrive under the care of the Atienzas. Outback in the garden, there are a few snakes and frogs, a hornbill, two macaws, six crocodiles, 20 tortoises, and 42 dogs.

Indeed, a tour into Kuya Kim’s house is a visual treat in itself!