Take a Look at Daniel Padilla’s Beautiful and Cozy Mansion in Quezon City

Daniel Padilla is a teen Kapamilya actor who belongs to the people who bought a house at an early age which is before the age of 20. This house is the first place Daniel and his Mother Carla Estrada can call their own because they rent in many homes for 25 years before they bought this.

The said house of Daniel and Carla on a 1000 sq.m. lot is found in an exclusive subdivision in Fairview, Quezon City together with JC, Magui, and Lelay, Daniel’s siblings.

Daniel’s house was inspired, and designed with a modern Mediterranean style by Architect Marie- Louie Torres-de Leon, and according to him it was styled that way for Daniel and his family to feel cozy and comfortable.


The facade of Daniel’s house was designed in a modern style with a mix of decorative stones, a large window, and a double patio glass main door. The main door was designed with wrought-iron details and colorfully stained glass panels that were requested by his mother, Carla. The said door was custom-made for Daniel’s family home. According to Daniel, he was so excited the moment he finally saw his finished house rise on a once-empty lot.


Daniel’s lanai is located near the front door of his house, and it has three wooden seats and a swinging bench which suits the entire design of his facade. This is also the place where he can entertain guests on a beautiful and breezy day.


The first floor of Daniel’s house consists of a living area, business meeting spot with elevated seating area, open kitchen, and dining area.


The living area has a fully upholstered beige sofa from Philux and behind it stands a large window with taupe and white-colored curtains cover.

In front of the living area is the elevated seating area furnished with black tufted chairs from Home Depot and real wood flooring from August Alliance of Malaysia. This area is for a business meeting with clients and partners which Carla specifically asked for.


The dining area has a rustic and charming long wooden dining table and ten wooden chairs from Abubot which is perfect for Daniel’s big family.


The kitchen area was designed with stone cladding from EZ Rocks which covers the metal archway. This metal archway is not part of the original design according to architect Marie-Louie, she decided to put this because Carla and Daniel wanted to add more bricks to the design of their family home.

For the final touch, mahogany wood was used for the kitchen cabinets because Carla thinks the color of mahogany which is reddish brown will make the space look warm and homey.


The small powder room has a column of mosaic tiles and a lovely chandelier.


The second floor of Daniel’s house consists of a second living area, a mini dining area, Carla’s Bedroom, a Master’s Bathroom, Daniel’s Bedroom, and an entertainment room.


This second living area of Daniel and Carla’s house is a private and informal place for Carla and her children to watch TV, hang out, have some fun, and enjoy meals. The mini dining area has a classic and traditional dining set where they can have breakfast, quick meals, and snacks.


Carla’s bedroom is her private sanctuary which has a four-poster bed, comfortable seats, and a fully upholstered armchair where Carla can feel loved, pampered herself, and well-taken care of.


The Master’s bedroom has a walk-in closet with a lighted vanity mirror, red accent chair, shower area with glass enclosure and a column of mosaic tiles, high-end fixture, corner whirlpool bathtub, and water closet with porcelain bidet.

It also has an oversize bathroom mirror with lighting fixtures for better illumination such as pin lights and wall sconces.


Daniel’s bedroom has a Mediterranean style with stones, bricks, and other rustic materials which was his mother’s idea. He shares his bedroom with his younger brother and best friend JC who sleeps beside him or on the futon at the foot of Daniel’s bed.

Daniel’s bedroom also has a secret door which was hidden by a bookshelf filled with memorabilia of The Beatles. Daniel also has toy figures of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant.

However, this secret door will only open once you enter the right code, but according to Daniel, everyone in his home knows his password.


The second floor’s Entertainment area was supposed to be Daniel’s walk-in closet, however, Daniel asked Architect Marie when they are about to build a walk-in closet to turn it into an entertainment room instead of a walk-in closet so that he can use it as a private place for hanging with his friends and siblings and play video games.


Daniel purchased his dream car which is a black Dodge Challenger after he saw Enrique Gil’s Camaro.


Aside from Daniel’s Dodge Challenger he also has a Polaris 4 x 4 all-terrain Vehicle or ATV which he uses on off-road trails in Subic.