Sleeper Bus with Huge Beds and Comfort Room Going to Bicol Wows Travelers and Netizens

2-hour travel around the city is bearable, but a 12-hour ride to the Bicol province is insane! When traveling to Bicol, we often choose to travel by plane because it saves you time and back pain.

But when you choose to travel by bus, then be ready to doze in and out of sleep, or jump out of the bus to stretch your legs whenever you’re on a stopover. But what if I told you, there’s a new comfortable way to travel by bus, and the crazy thing is, it has beds on it!

Bicol Isarog Transport System has a new “sleeper bus” that travels from EDSA Cubao to Naga City and vice versa.

The sleeper bus is equipped with 18 couches or bed, each covered with curtains and has USB sockets for charging. It also has a comfort room and WiFi! The beds have a divider on each so you can have the privacy you want.

Travel time to Naga would take 10-12 hours, the same as the usual travel time but on the sleeper bus, you can just sleep while traveling and wake up in Naga all with the comfort that you need.

The beds are adjustable whether you’d like to lie down or sit up so you can watch a marathon your favorite Netflix series without the cramped seats and stiff neck.

The current rate for a one-way ticket on the sleeper bus is Php. 1,350 per person. You can book your tickets online, so visit their website and choose your trip date. Always check of the available time the bus goes from Cubao and Naga. When booking online, be sure to click on the “Sleeper Bus” option.

It is amazing to see that land transportation companies are striving to innovate to cater the need of the passengers. Their slogan, “Matulog ng nasa Manila, pag-gising nasa Bicol ka na,” is really accurate and convenient. It surely is a welcome travel option for travelers and passengers.