Probation Officer Got the Shock of Her Lifetime When Her Boyfriend Entered the Courtroom in Handcuffs

Surprises tell the person you’re with that they’re worth the planning to show how much you care. Whether you’re doing it grandly or just a simple surprise, a romantic gesture will always bring a smile to your partner’s face.

But what would you do if your loved one suddenly showed up at your workplace? A visit typically means a welcome surprise. However, a probation officer had the shock of her life when her boyfriend was brought into the courtroom in shackles.

Tiffany Allison is a probation officer and house arrest coordinator for Justice Network in Desoto County, Mississippi. She was ready for her working day to begin just like any other at the Hernando Municipal Court when the judge called the court into session reading the day’s docket before police officers entered with a male “defendant” she knew very well.

The probation officer couldn’t believe her eyes – her boyfriend, Brett Stidham, was led into the courtroom by police officers. He was handcuffed and sporting a bright yellow prison jumpsuit.

Stidham shamefully kept his head down and couldn’t look at his girlfriend as he walked into court.

The shocked Allison frantically looked around the room searching for an explanation. She couldn’t believe that her boyfriend was being charged with a crime. She could only watch in disbelief when Stidham began to address the court.

“Your honor, with all due respect, there’s no need for this court to examine me. I’m guilty,” Stidham said.

At this point, Allison was shaking, but Stidham went on with his statement.

“I’m guilty of being madly in love with the girl of my dreams. She’s my best friend, I’ll forever be in love with her.”

The judge asked Allison to come over who quickly said she didn’t find the situation funny at all. She was greatly concerned because Stidham was in handcuffs. Nonetheless, she stood up and approached him in front of the judge.

From there, Stidham dropped to one knee and proceeded with his marriage proposal.

“From the moment we met, my heart has been a captive of your love. You and you alone are the one I want to represent me in the trial we call life.”

The flustered officer said yes! The court broke into a round of applause and cheers as the newly engaged couple embraced.

How was it for a romantic surprise?

It’s an extraordinary proposal that left Allison in tears. However, she still managed to laugh when Stidham declared, “I’m ready for the life sentence, baby.”

source: elitereaders