Practical and Unique Wedding Style of a Couple from The Philippines Becomes Viral in Social Media

A wedding day is one of the most precious events in everyone’s life. It is the celebration of love between two separate persons who want to spend the rest of their lives together.

A great amount of time, effort and monetary aspect are needed to make the best wedding idea into reality. In the modern time, we always consider being out of the usual, we want it to be a history.

Couples want their weddings to reflect how they are, their personalities and lifestyle. On the practical side, people nowadays prefer to spend less on the wedding preparations

In the Philippines, Filipino couples will always go for the traditional romantic church weddings, but now with a twist. It can be on the theme, entourage or the reception. A lot of things can happen but the only thing in common, Filipino couples prefer it to be budget friendly and of course unique. They believe that they must save money to prepare for the marriage life over the marriage itself.

We always thought that seeing simple and intimate weddings are the best and more practical way. But not until you see the video uploaded by Aragon Ramos Nerrie. The video went viral with 137 thousand views and shares.

In the video, the entourage wasn’t riding a luxury car but with bikes going to the wedding proper. With her beautiful wedding gown, the bride biked along with his groom to the wedding.

It is really indeed a fantastic experience seeing this act of care to nature, and sincerity between the couple being very simple on their big day. Showing everyone their love for biking, the commitment between them is the most important thing to highlight. This is what we wish for on finding our lifetime partner right?

Being practical will always be a good decision. We can make our wedding day a memorable one without spending too much. What matters the most is the love that binds a couple together that are committed to helping each other in any circumstances of life.