Perfect Smile Gone Wrong

Who would resist a near to perfect pair of teeth? Everyone dreams of having it and there’s this guy who got the attention of the netizens for his urge of having perfect teeth.

19-year-old Ben Watson spent £42 for a set of veneers for his dream of having a perfect smile and even sent his teeth’s mold to the online shop where he orders it.

Ben ordered his pair of veneers at who claims to have a million dollar smile for only $14.99.

They also claimed that “‘The amazing removable veneer that gives you the look of perfect teeth you’ll be proud to smile about. ‘Now you can get your confidence back and put your best face forward.’’

They also list down some benefits of using the low priced veneers such as, ‘Now you can get your confidence back and put your best face forward.’’ “Never be embarrassed, again!’, ‘look great in pictures’ and ‘a must for dates and job interviews’.’ But when received his order it went wrong.

When Ben gets his order and tries to wear them, it was more likely to look like a comedy character in movies. So Ben decided to share his crazy dental situation to the world and even posting videos and some of his photos online wearing his new pair of veneers.

The video where Ben was struggling to keep the teeth in place, was uploaded by Ben’s friend, Mollie Cooper, and has since had more than 20,000 views.

With his striking smile, he became an instant celebrity on his town. Everyone who knows him wants to take a selfie with him with his crazy veneers.

Ben said: ‘They were advertised as the ‘perfect smile’. They took an impression of my teeth and I sent it back.” ‘’£42 pounds later they sent me the teeth. My partner called me saying they had come.‘’ “”I told him to open the package and see what they’re like and he just burst into hysterics and told me to wait and see them when I get back’’

Ben confesses that his expectation turned into tears for being a piece of a joke with the veneers he imagined to give him celebrity-looking teeth.

However, he was soon embraced his new look and sends videos to his girlfriend Mollie. No doubt, he could crack a smile to anyone who sees him smiling.

Ben was not the only one who’ve been fooled by this cheap-veneers offer. He said: ‘Even when I’ve been going out in Halifax people have been stopping me asking for photographs of my teeth.

Ben added: ‘’That’s the last time I buy anything online again. They’re ugly and disgusting but hilarious. The only thing they’re perfect for is to stand up comedy.’’

A lesson for everyone, before deciding on buying cheap things online, try to consider reading a product review first.