Passenger Narrated a Heartbreaking Experience with a Grab Driver Who Accidentally Found Out About His Cheating Wife

Finding out that your partner has been unfaithful can hit you like a ton of bricks. You might have seen countless people go through this devastating aftermath of infidelity. It can be full of extremely strong emotions that vary by the minute – sadness, anger, shock, and disbelief.

To many, being cheated on feels like the ground has been shaken under them. But what more if you accidentally found out that you are cheated on by your partner during work hour?

A thread of tweets by a certain Jobim Javier narrated how one of his regular days has turned awkward and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Jobim booked Grab to fetch him home and was unexpectedly put in an uncomfortable situation. While inside the vehicle, the driver’s wife accidentally dialed her husband’s number.

There wasn’t any reply from the woman despite the driver’s consecutive “hellos.” Instead, what he got were giggles followed by words that shook him to the bones.

His wife could be heard chuckling on the other end of the line, telling another man whom she called “daddy” to release her panty.

The poor driver could not contain his anger any longer that he screamed his lungs out: “NASAAN KA? HA?? SINO YANG KASAMA MO??”

To which his wife suddenly responded with lies – saying that their son’s milk had ran out, so she needed to buy one. Of course, the Grab driver did not buy her alibis.

The driver then asked her who she was calling “daddy” and the cheating wife was alert to reply with another set of lies, telling him it was just her father.

Too bad the Grab driver wasn’t born yesterday. He didn’t believe any of her made-up stories. He then challenged her by saying he’d call her father to affirm whether what she’s telling him was true.

The unfaithful wife then suddenly lost it and started crying on the phone.

True enough, the situation is too awkward to be involved in especially when you’re not the one on the receiving end. But one can’t help but sympathize with the poor Grab driver who works hard for a living, only to be cheated on by his wife in return.

source: pilipinoscoop