Parents Wonder why their Son Always Comes Home with Dirty Clothes, Turns Out that their Boy is Building an Artistic Masterpiece

Today, it’s almost impossible for an average adult to stay away from technology advances. As a result, the parents’ behavior becomes the common object of kids’ imitation games, especially among the little ones. Consequently, kids and gadgets also become inseparable.

Unlike children from the past, action figures, puzzles, or board games are no longer the favorite toys of modern children. Touch screens have taken over all other forms of playful delight for them. However, this isn’t exactly the case for a young boy from China.

Reportedly, the 8-year-old boy always comes home with a dirty school uniform, covered with mud starting from his clothes down to his shoes.

It was later explained to the boy’s parents that their child loves to play with mud and clay at a hillside near their house soon after school dismissal. His habit of returning home with a set of dirty clothes has become a normal thing to see in their household.

However, what the parents didn’t know was how good their little boy is at his current interest with what they initially believed was just dirt until one day, they decided to check on him while he’s out playing in his usual hangout.

The parents were astounded at what they saw next out of the soil: a miniature settlement enclosed with borders like that of the ancient walls, complete with small versions of houses and shops – all made by their little boy’s two bare hands.

The parents were so shocked and extremely proud at the same time because of their son’s apparent talent. They then took photos of his creations and shared them on Weibo, a Chinese version of Facebook.

The said post immediately went viral on the social media platform as many people were highly impressed by the boy’s unique interest and extraordinary talent.

The netizens also commended the boy’s parents for being supportive of their son and shared their thoughts how fellow parents must also take an interest on their children’s current hobbies and talents in order to nurture them further.