Old in Age but Young at Heart, Meet the 60-Year-Old Skater From California

As time flies, physical form and abilities to perform activities are not as active as on our younger years. But some would say that age is just a number, and this 60-year-old skateboarder will prove you that.

Here’s Neal “The Dude” Unger is from California puts us on his shadow with his amazing skateboarding. He still considers himself as a beginner on this field and uses this to improve his way of living life. Unger’s goal is to see himself on his age doing things that usually done by teens. A good challenge isn’t it?

He’s not the best nor the youngest of all skaters where he trains, but he’s the most determined one. He is just a beginner and loves to explore how to play with the board to show some awesome tricks.

Neal decided to start skateboarding on his 60’s like a physical exercise to strengthen his muscles and to have fun. He said that it is still possible to be strong, it is possible to be in good condition and it will always be possible to learn no matter what age you’re in. If you doubt about this, might as well give this video a chance. It’ll make you change your mind!

Netizens who’ve watched Neal’s video are amazed how strong he is. One said, “That’s hot!! I bet he’s fun to hang with. 60’s not that old! He’s only 13 years older than me. Wait… I keep forgetting I’m considered old now too. Ha!

I bet he gets hit on by girls all the time. And might I add? He’s got great hair!”

Another also consider getting back on their hobby after seeing Neals’s video, “Not many older people skating in the UK, I’d love to get back on board. But I did see a guy, about my age(41) with his son who was about 5 and they were trashy on the skate park. It was awesome.”

But of course, not everyone is pleased seeing this, saying “Can’t trust these videos after seeing all these athlete’s dress up as old folks to wow people. For all I know that’s Tony Hawk”

After all, it is not how we please everyone who sees us. At the end of the day, it’s our self-satisfaction and happiness that matter the most. Like Neal, being appreciated by everyone who sees us amazing is just a bonus while having his own kind of relaxation.