OFW Who Falls in-love with a Gorgeous Woman on Facebook Loses PHP600,000

It’s no secret that falling in love with a fake online persona never works out. After all, lying about everything is not a great start to a love story. But what do you think is more horrifying than learning that the girl you’ve been chatting with online has been totally made up by someone else?

The experience of one Filipino guy named Frederick Egea proved that you literally never know who you’re going to meet and that your online lover could be someone that you never even expected. For some, it’s all a certain combination of fate, luck, and chemistry, but it’s the other way around for the unfortunate 23-year-old seafarer.

It all started when Egea chanced upon a beautiful woman by the name of Joana Mae Cruz on Facebook in June last year. Soon after, he fell in love with her.

Photo via: Rappler

They began a relationship and as her boyfriend, Egea financially supported Cruz all throughout from her tuition fee to personal needs, sending her money of up to 600,000.

Of course, the young man was looking forward to meeting his girlfriend in the flesh. Upon returning to the Philippines last September 5, he tried reaching out to Cruz so they could finally meet up personally but all she gave him were alibis and excuses.

The seafarer didn’t give up easily and had managed to find his girlfriend’s whereabouts. But much to Egea’s heartbreak, Cruz admitted that she took off someone else’s pictures who goes by the name, Angelica Calanog, without her knowledge and consent. In addition, it was divulged that Cruz’s name was in fact, Angelica Miguel.

The 21-year-old Miguel did not even stop there. Following the revelation, she asked Egea to send her 26,000. Otherwise, something bad will happen to Calanog. The seafarer agreed but on condition that he’d give the money in person.

Unbeknownst to Miguel, Egea had sought assistance from the authorities, catching her red-handed in an entrapment operation upon accepting the marked money from the seafarer. It was found out that there were six more people who played as Miguel’s accomplices. Multiple charges such as R()bbery, Swindling/Estafa, and Identity Theft were charged against her.

Photo via: Rappler

Hopefully, Egea’s story will serve as a reminder to everyone to be careful with whom they communicate on social media. Online relationships can be thrilling and rewarding, but you need to be very careful.

source: rappler