OFW Abandons Her Husband and Four Kids to be with Her Lesbian Lover

The plight of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) is a sad reality brought by lack of employment and better-paying opportunities in our home country, urging our workers to seek employment elsewhere.

Although when fathers take most of the jobs abroad, it only has a little dent on the Filipino family. But it’s a completely different story when the mothers leave – the entire family needs to adjust. But this unusual story of a family breaking up due to an OFW mom who chose to abandon her husband and kids for her alleged lesbian lover will surely break your hearts all the more.

Mr. Abelardo Galzote sought help from Raffy Tulfo during the latter’s segment “Ipa-Raffy Mo!” Mr. Galzote personally visited the studio of Aksyon Tanghali, accompanied by his four kids and mother-in-law, Elena Calixterio.

The show was told that Mrs. Ronelia Galzote who works as an OFW in Saudi was scheduled to return home next month, but her family could not contact her anymore.

Eventually, they found out that Mrs. Galzote came home instead to her alleged lesbian lover who goes by the name Doods Leah. On her new Facebook account under the name Asawaqu Manasis, Ronelia has shared photos of her and Doods together.

While Raffy’s staff tried to reach out to Ronelia, the family was given fare so they could get back to Ilocos Sur for the meantime. However, Mr. Galzote received a text message from his estranged wife even before they could arrive at the bus station. Ronelia wanted them to meet at Raffy Tulfo’s show the next day.

Upon appearing on the show, Ronelia strongly denied her husband’s allegation. To help clear things out, Raffy asked his fellow host Nina Taduran for her opinion on the matter as well as one of the show’s LGBT crew Odette Molina. Both of them agreed that the photos clearly showed “something” going on between Mrs. Galzote and the lesbian.

Ronelia was apologetic to her children, but she emphasized that she didn’t want to be with Mr. Galzote any longer, pinning the blame on her husband for various things which the kids said were untrue.

Due to Raffy’s insistence for the married couple to get back together because it’s what their children wanted, Ronelia agreed and went back to their hometown with her family while the crew of the show promised to go after them to formalize the made agreement at their local barangay.

Unfortunately, Ronelia left her family once again just a week later before the crew could arrive at Ilocos Sur. She could no longer be contacted for real this time around.

Apparently, Ronelia had always been on the phone before her disappearance, talking with someone, according to her devastated kids. The eldest among the children pledged to study harder and look after her younger siblings, telling them that they don’t need their mother to survive.

source: Raffy Tulfo in Action