Mistress of an OFW Lives a Luxurious Lifestyle While His Legal Family Suffers from Financial Problems

Millions of Filipinos become more and more desperate to leave the country as they are blinded by the money they stand to earn abroad. Of course, planning to work overseas means higher wages for them. But sadly, this could also mean more families breaking up or going astray.

How many grieving OFWs did return to empty homes because their spouses had run away or their children had dropped out of school or their teenage daughters got pregnant? Yes, there are success stories due to the sacrifices of these Filipino OFWs, but there also comes failures and horror stories just like what happened to the Gutierrez family.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Working as a licensed electrician in Qatar, Eric Gutierrez used to send all his salary to his family left in the Philippines. He even invested in starting to build their dream house until he met the woman who would, later on, change his life around.

Ethel Sapod became Eric’s mistress. Ever since they got together, the OFW preferred sending his money directly to the woman and then she would be the one sending some to Eric’s immediate family.

Since the allotment grew lesser than it used to be, Eric’s legal wife, Buenafe Gutierrez, had to quit paying for their dream house given that her three children are still studying. Together with her kids, Buenafe was left with no choice but to rent a house elsewhere.

With now the mistress gaining control of Eric’s money, his immediate family suffered the consequences. They have encountered financial problems which eventually led to Buenafe asking help from TV host Raffy Tulfo.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

All Buenafe wanted was for Eric to support his legitimate family again. Not only does the mistress control the allotment, but Buenafe also divulged that she has managed to influence Eric on not sending extra money to his children whenever they ask for financial assistance from him.

Apparently, Eric and Ethel have a child together. The mistress currently lives a lavish lifestyle while the legal family suffers in silence. It has also come to Buenafe’s knowledge that Ethel just recently brought a brand new Toyota Fortuner for herself which the mistress denies coming from Eric’s money. She claims that she sells vegetables without getting enough rest so she can earn money for a living.

Moreover, Ethel went on accusing Buenafe countless things, but Tulfo took the side of the latter. Clearly, the family’s financial concerns had only begun when Ethel came to Eric’s life. The TV host also reminded the family patriarch and his mistress that they could face legal charges because Eric and Buenafe are still married and has not been annulled yet.

Thousands of netizens expressed their anger at the mistress not only for engaging an affair with a married man but also for being the shameless and thick-skinned one between her and the legal wife.


source: buzzooks