Meet the World’s Youngest Billionaire, 27, Who is a Fishing Farm Heir and a Model

Meet Gustav Magnar Witzoe – the world’s youngest male billionaire at 27 years old according to Forbes.

Boasting an estimated worth of £2.435 billion, the blond scion from the island of Froya outside Trondheimnot in Norway is into modeling, currently signed to one of the country’s leading agencies, Team Models.

Most of his $3.1 billion net worth came directly from his family’s Norwegian fishing empire, Salmar ASA, which is one of the world’s largest producers of salmon. He owns nearly half of SalMar ASA as a gift from his father, Gustav Witzoe, Sr. in 2013.

The company, founded by Gustav, Sr. in 1991, has been at the forefront of the industrialization of fish farming in Norway, now one of the country’s biggest industries. In 2016, SalMar harvested close to 130,000 tons of salmon, Forbes reports.

Holding a degree in engineering, the elder Witzoe is still listed as one of the top executives at SalMar, serving as its director of strategic projects while his millennial son is evidently interested in other business pursuits.

“You can’t just demand to be the boss of such a big organization,” the young Gustav told a Norwegian newspaper, as translated by Business Insider. “You have to be suited to it. If there are alternatives, the best man or woman must get the job. There is so much at stake: values, jobs, crucial factors.”

Reportedly, Gustav has invested in his own small local start-up companies including the Gobi, a Norwegian Snapchat competitor, and Key Butler, which aims to help Airbnb hosts with key delivery and maintenance for rentals.

With over 80,000 followers on Instagram, Gustav frequently posts photos of himself traveling the world, having visited France, Mississippi, Dubai, London and a whole host of far-flung unnamed exotic locales, and jet-setting to ultra-luxe destinations.

He has also shared his lavish forms of transport which include a Porsche, a private plane, and a boat. His cute Staffordshire dog also makes regular appearances.

In spite of his extravagant lifestyle, Gustav appears to remain single.

source: dailymail