Meet the Gorgeous Wife of Kamikazee’s Vocalist Jay Conteras

You’re not a Filipino by heart if you don’t know Kamikazee. Kamikazee is one of the brightest bands in the Filipino music and their songs were an instant anthem to all the Filipino in different ages.

After 15 years of making songs and performing on the center stage, Kamikazee announced their disbandment in 2015 that make their crowd left with sadness after hearing the news.

On the other side, the band members’ family finds it as a positive thing because now, they can spend more time and moments that they miss doing together in the past years.

In a previous interview with ABS-CBN, members of the group revealed that they have various plans for the future.

Some will start to venture businesses, pursue their dreams, and spending more quality time with their families. Out of the public’s knowledge, Kamikazee’s band vocalist Jay Contreras has a gorgeous wife named Sarah.

On Jay’s Instagram post, the proud husband shared a photo of her wife with the caption, “Still the best view for me.”

After posting, the online world has gone crazy and many netizens could not help but point out Sarah’s similarity to Dakota Johnson, lead actress of the hit movies series “Fifty Shade’s of Grey.”

Have a moment and check Sarah and Jay’s feed on Instagram. We can easily conclude that they are having a happy and great time together with their two kids.

On Sarah’s post, “When your lover is also a great photographer, you’d always have the most awesome candid photos just like this one. Hindi mo na kailangan sabihan picturan ka nya. He’d just show you your photos at the end of the day.”

In the previous report of ABS-CBN way back in 2015, Jay said that Kamikazee’s disbandment gave him more time to spend it with his family. He was quoted as to saying:

“Tama na yun time na sila yun nasa unang priority namin para maganda rin yun memories nun mga anak namin, [at masasabi nila] na ‘ok pala yun daddy ko kahit maraming tattoo’.”
Having yourself in fame is good but a great time with your family will always be the greatest of all.